September 18, 2017


Branford Florida



A Man on a Mission: Asta Lavista baby... you have been IRMAnated.

I'd say it was an exciting week.

Hurricane Irma passed right through our town but not much happened to be honest. Lots of trees down and we spent most of the week cutting trees and hauling logs. Tons of fun serving! I have never been happier. However, I am EXHAUSTED. (Most of the cool pictures I took are on my camera which I forgot at the trailer. Sincerest apologies. Stay tuned.) There are lots of people who have been suffering. Most people were out of power till yesterday. No running water because everyone is on a well. We had the opportunity to help out the city offices in Branford handing out free ice, water, and MREs. People were in tears, and it was SO amazing being able to serve just as Christ would have.

Along with the Hurricane, the rain came DOWN. HAHAHA. so fort white, where 3 rivers meet together, was flooded on the south side. It was CRAZY.

Also, more crazy news... For my third transfer, I am going to my third area. In Fleming Island Florida! Very wealthy area, so it should be fun. I'll be getting a new companion Elder Barnes who goes home after next transfer.. Things are so crazy. I am so excited!

There is SO much that happened this week I cant even write it all down... sorry bout that..

Challenge: read Mosiah 7! It's Fantastic!

Love y'all!
Elder Christian Carter


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