September 9, 2017


Branford Florida



A Man on a Mission: IRMA gosh!

So, here is the rundown:

My companion and I have been evacuated. What the storm is fixin to do is go up the West coast of Florida, if it does so, it will bend back in and the eye will pass straight through the town we are staying in at about a category 4. If it goes through Miami it will hit us directly at about a 2. Either way Irma is passing straight over us! I AM SO EXCITED.

Listen here... am I nervous? Nah. I have never felt so protected in my life. God is over all. And He is my boss! So I will be fine! I am on the Lord's errand, not mine. I am on His team, and I will be forever.

We are currently in Alachua Florida. In an apartment complex with some other Elders. We are going to be stuck inside all day with nothing to do.. so I'm gonna write a ton of letters or something... or study?.. who knows. But we will be going back to Branford probably Tuesday. Our trailer was built in the 70s and has about 5 massive trees surrounding it.. will it survive? Probably not. But hey WHAT A COOL MISSION STORY. I am the luckiest missionary alive!

This week we did lots to prepare, and did more service than teaching. Everyone is leaving Florida. We helped put metal bars over people's windows, and picked up things in people's yards...(anything on the ground becomes a missile). But it has been such a good week!

I am so excited for this weekend! I know that He will protect me. I am so blessed to be here at this time, and to be able to help all those who are suffering. I have an opportunity to do exactly what Christ would do... love, care, and serve His brothers and sisters! He LIVES. He loves you, and he wants you to be happy! There is great comfort in the Book of Mormon! Read it! I love you all. No matter what know that God has a plan for each and every one of us!

CHALLENGE : week I want you to find someone you can love, care, and serve! Help someone who is going through their own personal storm!

- our ward mission leader cleans the river and found this flotation device... redneck? I'd say so.
- Beautiful skies
- hay now
- can someone please explain this sign...


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