September 4, 2017


Branford Florida



A Man on a Mission: Redneck Nation


This week was amazing. Let me tell you how the good Lord has blessed me yet again.

#1 This week we found a family in the ward, who has a few people who have not been baptized. We went to go visit and Di'Niyah and James are well on their way to baptism. We went over to teach and they were begging us for copies of the Book of Mormon! There are 9 kids in this family!

#2 On Thursday, every single person we talked to gave us food! BLESSED

#3 During Church, there were two people we were told not to visit because they WILL shoot... they were both on the plans for Tuesday... The Lord looks out for our lives!

#4 We found a familly of 5 at church. They were not members but were going with their grandma. We set up an appointment for later that night and they fed us, (which was our second dinner of the night) and we taught about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. THEY COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. We gave out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon and they were trying so hard to set up a new appointment.... fine by me.....

I want you all to know how much I love this gospel. It's absolutely true. Our Heavenly Father loves us more than you know. Think about this, he sent His Son to bleed, and die, and suffer, so that you didn't have to. Our pain is swallowed up in Christ. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STRUGGLE ALONE. He will carry you if you let Him. I suggest you let Him take that from you. Read the Book of Mormon and pray your little heart out. He WILL heal you.

Challenge: Go onto and look up the video, "the music of the gospel" find out how you can hear the music!

I love you ALL. Email me I wanna hear from you!
Elder Christian Carter


1. Suannee River
2. Our SWEET new license plates
3. PURDY country


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