August 21, 2017


Branford Florida



A Man on a Mission: Don't Tell My Mom


This week was insane. Okay so here in Fort White, houses are like 1/2 mile away from each other. Here is an example of the Lord looking out for his missionaries:

It was about 5 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon. I was on a trade-off with Elder Berg (who has been out for 3 days at this point), I being the senior companion, had to act experienced all day. I have only been out 2 months, and only a week in the COUNTRY. To be honest I was terrified something bad would happen, good thing this happened... We walked up to a less-actives to pay a quick visit,, trying to get to know everyone... as we were getting in the car, a group of 25-26 year olds came walking up the dirt road.. (keep in mind everyone in town is carrying a gun or a knife 100% of the time.) and one of them came up and said..

"Sir I am a millionaire and I do what I want. Give me your keys. I'm taking your car."

We sat there puzzled and terrified. And I said "Excuse me?"

"I am taking your car right now."

I looked at him and said" you are NOT taking our car."
So we got in the car and left. And he just stood there and didn't say anything. He was speechless and we left in peace. The Lord protected us and truly did calm my heart.

Come to find out, we met with this less-actives last night. And she apologized for her neighbor, and informed us that he was high on weed that was laced with meth, and he is currently in a mental hospital. THE LORD LOOKS OUT FOR HIS SERVANTS. We could've easily been shot or stabbed but the Lord has our backs.

The work in Branford ward is great! I am having so much fun, and finding so many new bugs? In fact, our car is infested with ants and we cannot seem to get them out. Being on a mission is SO rewarding. We are teaching very few people, because we pretty much started a new area again. All I know is that this place is more redneck than anything tv could ever show you. This is THE SOUTH.

Here is what I want you to do... CHALLENGE:

Read 2 Nephi 4. Write down in your journal 3 ways Christ makes you a better person as you follow His teachings.

Love y'all so much! Go do great things! Send me some mail while you are at it!

Here are some pictures of insanely large spiders, (as big as the Book of Mormon) and some BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.

Elder Christian Carter


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