July 31, 2017


Jacksonville, Florida



A Man on a Mission: Bible Bashers

This is Elder Carter Reporting on how the week went:

Let me tell you a story about a young man who was once with his companion knocking some doors. As we knocked on our last door at 8:55 (we have to be home at 9), we were met by a guy named Scott. Elder Flake and I were going around singing songs for people. We asked him if we could sing him "Nearer; My God to Thee".... "And he said.. actually, no." He ran back inside to grab his new testament, and he was ready to throw down. He then went on to say how everyone except for those who had been saved in the baptist church were going to hell and how Mormons don't even know any thing, etc. He said "I actually believe that Jesus is the Savior of the World." If we were being honest I was trying not to laugh because this guy didn't really know his bible well enough to bash us. But it was a good time..We were not there to fight but only to fill his home with the spirit. So we quickly steered the conversation to things we both believed and it ended up being a great spirit filled conversation. It felt to me like our mouths were filled to know what to say, so that this didn't get real ugly, real fast. The Lord keeps his promises, as long as we are keeping ours! D&C 82:10

And that was my first bible bash experience. We also had the privilege of meeting Adam. Adam was born into this church, but fell away at about 16. He went to college at Appalachian St. to play football, and he got into a little bit of trouble. He somehow ended up in prison and things really took a turn for him. After we visited with him, expressed a desire to come back to church. He said he felt like he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for God, and he owes him. He is now going to come to FHE, Institute, and Church in the YSA Branch! When we went over, he asked me to give him a blessing. It was so very powerful.

REMINDER: No matter what stage of life we are in, or how close we are to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, THEY LOVE US ALL THE SAME. There is no way you could possibly so far gone that the light of our Savior couldn't reach you. As we turn to our Savior Jesus Christ, we will see our lives CHANGE. Repentance is the best way to have that relationship. A desire to be more like our Savior brings us the most happiness, and will always put us in the best situation to help other people along their path back to the Father. Which is why we are here right? Let's help each other out.

CHALLENGE: Tonight, pray to your Heavenly Father, and ask Him this question: Who needs my help this week?

A BIG thing here in the Florida Jacksonville Mission is ASK. RECEIVE. AND GO. When you find out who needs your help, do NOT HESITATE. Do something for that person that will ease their burdens, and draw them closer to Jesus Christ.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Email me, I love to hear from you!

Until Next week!

PIC: Enjoy the New Album That is Dropping soon. BOYZ OF THE FJM


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