May 8, 2017


Provo MTC


Hermana Campbell and Burnett

I'm in prison!

So I'm going to basically write my emails like it's my journal cause I don't want to deal with a journal and my ugly handwriting. Plus I can do this on my vest at night so...Yay!

Today was very...interesting. So it started out amazing and I heard from a lot of people. That was really great! However tonight was a nightmare! Hermana Campbell has been shutting down and won't talk to me or Hermana Burnett. We are teaching our second lesson to our first investigator tonight and we cannot have the spirit if we do not work. Me and Hermana Burnett were praying so hard and crying to Hermana Campbell to open up and she refused. Ugh...muy deficil! Anyway it was amazing because we were scheduled to go last and the other companionships took the entire time of ours so we didn't have to go into a lesson without the spirit and instead we wrote her a note and apologized for not having time. HUGE MIRACLE!!

Okay so my companion Hermana Campbell burst today. After having a class about companionship inventory we NEEDED one so on our way back from church we finally told her to stop and we had companionship inventory in between the gym and our residence. Very awkward when you have all these people coming and going to church and your companion is yelling at you to stop talking about each of our families! She literally snapped and going off about how her family doesn't support her as much and so it really bothers her that we have family that loves us....I don't know how to respond to that. My family is my support like her support is her friends. I can't just ask her to stop talking about every friend she has. That's rude but I'm going to try not to bring up my family. Love you all even though this is something we're figuring out!

Wow today was Cool! Today after breakfast we had service and we cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed the 3rd Floor! It was way cool! We got to meet Patricia and she was in charge of telling us what it was that was needed and so we did everything she asked for, for 2 hrs.! Crazy Right? Cleaning isn't Fun until you get to the CCM and you are always purely serving and trying to better yourself so that you are able to serve everyone that you possibly can in your mission! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I was a little homesick today just because I've always had my family next to me and now I'm on my own and can't even talk about them. It's a hard transition!

Oh my Goodness! What a Day! Today in class we had this teacher act as an investigator and have us teach him about baptism and he was speaking so fast as was trying to make it extra difficult for us to teach. Plus he didn't allow for us to pray before we taught. Ugh! Mui deficil! Tonight made up for it though! We had Elder Ronald a. Rasband from the quorum of the 12 come speak about the Holy Ghost and it was fantastic! He ended "There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord has called you to your mission for a reason that you may not understand at this time." I felt like he was just talking to me! I teared up and then the closing song was Because I have been given much I too must give! That hit me so Hard! I have bawled for the rest of the night. We had testimony meeting as a district afterwards and it was so spiritual! Ugh! I love this so much! I can't wait to give! There is no way to explain how uplifting tonight was!

Today I slept in until 6:30!!!! Happy day! I usually wake up at 5:45 but I'm becoming exhausted because of it. Anyway I got permission to adjust my schedule so while I do personal study I do my treatment. It made life so great! Although I did wake up like every 5 min wondering why no one was getting up. Mostly because I couldn't see my alarm clock and the other hermana's have their alarms go off early so they can be prepared to actually wake up. I had a good day today! Hermana Campbell ranted about how much she hates Utah and all the people in it...we laughed it off though so whatever! She has just had bad experiences with people when she has been in Utah so no one take offense! I still love everyone in Utah! And I always will! Anyway back to my day. After that we went and taught Adriana again and she committed to Baptism! It's only the third time we have met with her but she was Ready! We had lunch with the branch presidents wife and may I just say...she is a saint! Oh I love her so much! Okay well I I'm basically out of things to say. Oh today the new missionaries came and it was so Cute! It brought back so many memories of last week!

Today was nice! Well it started with class and's so fun! He had us practicing and then it was hard and so while we were in the hall Hermana Burnett started to cry because she doesn't understand Spanish! Well Hermano Hood (our Spanish teacher) saw and came over to console her and then after she pulled herself back together we went back to class to find out that he wants to interview each of us. We'll Hermana Burnett was the first and only to go because we ran out of class time and after her interview she was saying she needed me so we went in the bathroom and had a cry session. Los siento! Anyway we then did my vest and ate doritios right before lunch. During lunch the elders showed up with mail and I got a package from Bob and Dede! So cool!!! Guess who is hosting the new missionaries next week!?!? That's right me...and my district! I'm so excited! So we then had our discussion with Adriana and it went well! She is going to keep the commandments and she will be getting baptized on June 3! Ahhhhh! So great!

I don't have a ton of time because today we made a list of how the mtc compares to prison and so I'll attach the list tomorrow. So today I found an Elder that looks like Mr. Bean and it was hilarious! I sent my medicine chart thing in the mail. I totally forgot to write about this but I saw Kaiya Willey while I was studying one day. Adriana disclosed herself as our real teacher and we are going to be teaching Hermano Hood who is playing a guy named Leonardo. I'm actually quite mad about that. Hermano Hood was such a great teacher and I don't know how it will be teaching him on Monday. It was a good day overall and I do love the CCM but it would be nice to even be able to listen to some church music in our "cell".

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