April 16, 2017


Hibarigaoka, Japan


Dowell Shimai

13: michiko's BAPTISM + facebook missionaries

This week's crowning event: MICHIKO's BAPTISM!!! Ahh saturday was a day to remember. So hectic but so awesome. People were running this way and that and at first things were running a little behind schedule (the water in the font somehow ended up being around 140 degrees... baptism by fire and water right? How about by fire water?) but thankfully everything worked out and the water was cooled down enough for her to get baptized! The spirit was amazing and I learned a lot. I was able to prepare a talk on "Enduring to the End" this week for the baptism. It reminded me how imortant daily efforts are to staying on the right path! Michiko is an example to me in so many ways and her testimony after being baptized was amazing. She is a lovely human being and Sunday was her 75th birthday and Easter Sunday. Couldn't have asked for it better! 

Other little miracles. I was on splits in Tokorozawa with another sister who is also in her first transfer. Except she lived in Japan for 10 years growing up so her Japanese is more than fluent. Thankfully otherwise that split could have been a trainwreck. We visited a lady who first met the missionaries 7 years ago and again 3 years ago. We talked to her for a while! She gave us referrals, we showed the Easter video and then somehow managed to get a member present from America (at 3am in the morning) through facebook messenger! The member was a missionary in that area with whom she kept in contact with. He was a gem for being up when she messaged him that she was talking to missionaries again. He was able to bear more testimony to her that what we were saying was true! The miracles of technology!

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Easter Sunday!! Not really a holiday here, but it is always an amazing time to remember Christ and recommit to live as He lives! The fun traditions are great, but same as with Christmas, we wouldn't have a reason to celebrate if it weren't for Christ. Passover week is amazing, I encourage you to go study it this week! 

much love,

benson 姉妹

1. when you forget to buy bags for groceries, have a one wheeled bike and love life
2. my district is odd, love them
3. all the sakura here is soooo pretty


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