November 26, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

My long lost love, peanut butter!

Hello everyone! Well my letters will start to sound super repetitive! So to make it quick, I worked this week. Just talking to AND TEACHING People and walking in those dirt roads, but I am becoming good friends in the sector with a lot of members. Im having just a lot of fun and maybe laughing a bit too much haha. But anyways Im having fun and time is flying by so that's good! Here ill just get to some good stories

Funny story - Elder Strang and me were at the chapel one night and these gus asked us to play basketball. So we did and you can imagine what happen when a 6 foot 4 Elder Strang is going up against latinos either the same height or shorter than me.

Spiritual Story- One of our lessons this week was with a guy weve been teaching for a while. So we had a really powerful lesson talking about how this is the true church, but the most powerful moment was when we asked him to offer a prayer about if the church is true or not. So he gave a really powerful prayer for about 5 minutes, like he said a lot of amazing things. Immediately he rose his head and told us he knows he needs to get baptized in the church. The lesson from here was that its true, all you need to ask and all we teach is that if you pray to know more these things after going to church and reading the scriptures, you will come to know its true, and I guarantee it

To conclude I know the church is true, I really ask anyone to try it and I promise you will receive an answer, just like the people Ive witnessed.

PHOTOS - The aesthetic this week was food apparently.


Also I was reunited with my long lost love peanut butter, never been happier.

Okay now officially deuces✌


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