November 20, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

Luis Miguel

Hello everyone! So we out here in the boondocks of Ecuador. I still have 6 weeks left of training so Im still a baby and look like one too, but Im having fun. I went out a lot with other leaders this week and learned a lot, Im also having fun with them so thats good. We had a baptism this week!! His name is Luis and hes literally the funniest guy Ive ever seen, and he just has a really strong testimony already about the church so hes just awesome! Literally one of my favourites. Also me and Elder Strang are starting to become really good friends with good members that are willing to help us out, so all is good here and I will keep working to bring the world its truth!

Funny Story: I was teaching a recent convert with Elder Brown and some guys were watching some memes in the house and we couldnt help it but laugh, wow we miss memes. Careless Whisper on recorder never gets old.

Spiritual Story: I was out with Elder Medina in dirt road valley and there was this old lady that we went and talked to. And it just really fast became really sad. Her husband apparently hates religion and even destroyed some of her santos and would just throw everything religious out of the house, she also cant walk, ao yeah it just got really sad and she started crying and it really touched my heart that she was just cpomforted and so grateful to have a Book of Mormon and just a pamphlet about the restoration. It just kind of showed that religion is so important to feel comforted in this world and thats why Im out here sharing the true message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that people like her can still have something to hold onto when everything else seems sad. We taught her again abput two days later and she was extremely grateful, and also because of her we have a couple of references to teach as well, hopefully we can get around sharing with her 20 KIDS! Anyways yeah moral of the story is God is here to comfort us, and we are never alone, no estan solos

and also peace out to Melannie a good friend of ours who leaves on her mission to Peru Lima Sur tomorrow! (shes in the last photo)

Well I hope everyone has a good week! Peace out


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