November 7, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

A week of splits!

Hey all, hope all is good in Canada! I definitely miss breathing that clean air LOL
Well this week was just a lot of work, we are teaching a lot right now, hopefully we keep up the good work, me and Elder Strang are having a lot of fun out here.

So this week I went out with a bunch of different missionaries. I went with Elder Leal for the 4th time and we teach in the area where the dirt roads are infinite! But his people are cool and they feed me a lot so I love it!
I also went out with Elder Brown who is the zone leader of Quevedo Sur! So I got to spend the night with the different zone leaders and learn a lot and have a lot of spiritual experiences with them.

So besides a lot of teaching and talking, Im just gonna share some stories from the week, but I have a lot more so Im just saving those stories for when I come home

Funny Story: Me and Elder Leal were teaching this family of 3 kids outside and then out of nowhere this guy asks us to move out of the way. So we move our chairs and all of a sudden he opens a door and about 30 chickens just come running out. For like 10 minutes these guys chased them inside and slaughtered them all. So that was a fun lesson 😀 I think I still have some feathers on my pants 😂

Spiritual story: Me and Elder Brown went into the nicest house I have been in in all of Quevedo. We enter into this super girly room and just laying there on a bed is this 70 year old man. He was missing a leg and was blind as well. So I thought we were going to give him a blessing but it turns out we were there to teach him. Elder Brown being wise chose to choose the scripture that talks about having perfect bodies when we resurrect to live with God again. I testified and as well gave my thoughts on the plan of salvation. After the lesson we went to shake his hand and as I did he held each of us close and told us that he felt the prescence of God as we spoke. So that was really good and it felt good to hear that cuz every time I speak I do try to invite the spirit so we can all feel of His love. All my non member friends probably think this is super weird but haha its chill guys

Well thanks for reading guys and I hope you're doing well, Im alive and hopefully I will continue to be out here preaching the word!


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