October 29, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

Temple trip to Guayaquil

Hola peoples! I am alive and thank the lord for that! Still out here in the hood trying to preach the word. Honestly a lot happened but I dont have time to share everything, so youll just have to ask for all my stories when I come home. The Pedro one is still the best so far though, I can definitely tell it better.

So we went to the temple this week. I wanted to shoot myself though cuz we had to get up at 2! and travel all the way to Guayaquil, so I slept the entire time on the bus. Well obviously it was great to see everyone and it s always a great experience in the temple. What was cool was just the city of Guayaquil itself. Imagine going from Uganda to Toronto, thats pretty much how it is going from Quevedo to Guayquil. So if I was that amazed by Guayaquil, Toronto wiull probably kill me on my way back. We also went to the only Wendys in Guayaquil, so that was a good experience. Plus we took like the comfiest bus on the way back. You could lay down pretty much and we just watched the crappy movies they put on, it was a nice day.

Funny/Spiritual Experience: Me and Elder Strang went to one of our investigators house. There was a lady inside and there happened to be a JW pamphlet on top of our pamphlet! THIS MEANT WARRRRRRRRRRRR! JK not really, but we did try to explain our religion to her and she took none of it. She just rudely interrupted us the qwhole time and just kind of claimed that we were all going to hell unless we joined her church and didnt sin more than 3 times! Thats insane since we believe no matter how much you sin, everyone can be saved. But she just kept saying no. Then Elder Strang pulled out this fire bible verse where the lord said to forgive 70 times 7. And then she didnt have anything left to say and she just left. Then Elder Strang testified that these things are true, and she kept trying to interrupt him but he just kept going, speaking with the authoprity that we have, cuz with faith in God, we cannot fall. So thats how Elder Strang roasted this mean lady, and then we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Lit times boys and girls. Anyways thats all we have for today folks cuz we only have a lame amount of time to write.

Love you all and deucessss


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