October 23, 2018


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Hey everyone just a quick update overr here. Still living it out in the hot sauna of ECUADOR but I rewally loved it this week. We had the great chance to baptized two people this saturday! Our man Pedro and a little girl named Ariana! They were both great and I can honestly tell you that if you really stiudy the Book of Mormon, you will see the blessings in your life. Well sincew I dont have a lot of time, I will quickly share a funny story and a spiritual one.

Funny one: So Im teaching this lesson in Playa Grande (the ghetto of my sector and were teaching this 17 year old with a child, Its going pretty decent but then out of nowhere these like 7 dudes show up and start smoking weed and blasting reggaeton. So Im like okay this is pretty interesting. Then one of them starts peeing. I was actually really impressed cuz he had quitew the distance on it. But anyways I still tried to keep teaching but I started to laugh a bit. Then I looked to the side and there was this dog that Elder Stranfg was petting, and I swear it was like Flea City on that thing, I could see them jumping out from a mile away. So Im like moh wow this is so rough, and just when I thought it couldnt get any more obscure, WHOOP she just whips her breast out and staryts feeding the baby. And now you all know the story of how I taught a lesson with a bunch of stoners. Best lesson ever!!

Spiritual One: About two minutes before 6 we got a call on Saturday about an urgent matter. So we go to this members house and theres like a doctor and everything. Turns out Pedro was feeling really sick and didnt want to get baptized. He was super pale and was crying because he was in so much pain, so our only option is to give a blessing. It was hard he kept moving and it was hard to give him the blessing, but with the power of God he was like instantly healed. He wasnt in pain anymore and had full colour. It was amazing and it was clear to me and him that he should be baptized. I would explain this wstory better but literally this annoying missionary lol is forcing me off so Ill have to stop here, but God lives, and hes with us all

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