October 15, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

oh Canada!!

HELLO EVERYONE! We really out here in the boondocks of Ecuador! My companion by my side is the legendary Elder Strang. The only other Canadian in the entire mission. So that was lucky. Hes a zone leader so really Im just taking a backseat to everything he does, but weve been working this week.
My area is Quevedo Norte and its pretty wack out here tbh. But we are alive and doing well. Ive done everything from teaching lessons, to giving blessings, to inviting people to be baptized, so it actually goes by fast. Honestly this week felt like a day. Hopefully the rest of the mission goes by just as quickly.

The joke around here is I look like a little boy, and nobody believes Im from Canada. Most people guess iM Colombian cuz of the way I talk and move around a lot LOL. So I guess the good thing is is that they all think Im latino, and apparently the ward really likes me so Im excited to be in this area.

Um I have some photos from this week

Hopefully you enjoy them and my little boy face. Peace out yall, just letting ya know I write on mondays and Ill be happy to share hopefully more specific stories cuz hopefully Ill have more time to work on this big email.
Just know I think of you all and really am counting down the days to come home


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