September 25, 2018


CCM Bogota Colombia


Elder Chepe

Life in the Fast Lane

Alright what up boiiiiis.

I am indeed alive y it was a crazy week. So for the record I cried only once but it was still a sad day at the airport. But it was cool in Atlanta cuz I met like 50 other elders and it was super dope. There was like 20 of us on the flight. It was super cool to talk to people about why there was so many people on the plane with suits. Colombia was very nice and I enjoyed all the movies I could see from other screens.

Anyways we show up and life at the MTC is cool. All these Elders from US are so funny. I have a blast and they keep me sane. Oddly enough, it's hard work out here. I am with ALL LATINOS IN MY CLASS
. It turns out I am only here for 3 weeks and I\m in a class with a bunch of people who speak 0 english. Half my class is from Peru, 2 Bolivians, and 2 Venezuelans, but it's cool. It's really pushed me but I'm up for the challenge, plus I understand and speak a lot better than missionaries that already left the MTC.

So my MTC companion is Elder Chepe. Hes from Peru and is serving in the Quito mission. He's honestly one of the nicest guys I\ve ever met and he keeps me focused, since hes the more serious one. We make a good team and it's good practice since I probably have to communicate with latinos in the future.

Um I'm pretty popular already as I am well known as Elder Canada. I have good friends on both spectrums cuz I can speak well on both sides. They use me to translate for the most part. I laugh a lot and especially when the lights go out it's awesome to chill and relate with these dudes.

Well um I've scored a couple good goals in soccer, and it's my favourite part of the day. It really unites the latinos and the Nortes together! If I'm not rolling on the floor laughing I'm having a deep talk with the boiis.

The important thing is i'm having fun, while at the same time I am having to teach lessons already, so I'm studying real hrd to speak in spanish. Hopefully when I get out I can do pretty well for myself.

Alright finally a testimony part to the email. I thought for a while that I was gonna drown in this class. But the truth is is that all my companions want to speak english cuz they want to get out of their countries and live a better life. They ask me or try talking to me in english all the time, and in return they really help me with my spanish. So the point is is I know I'm supposed to be here with these people and thats that. In the name of Jesus Christ amen!

P.S. Cant send photos or else the wifi will crash.



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