January 22, 2018


Canton, Connecticut


Elder Rockhill

Awesome trainer, blunt people, seeing the hand of God

So, I finished the MTC without too much more excitement. I had a really nice last few days with a few people who I grew to appreciate pretty quickly. The MTC didn't make me too fat, but I'm not exactly in roofing shape anymore which is a bummer.

I have an awesome trainer, Elder Rockhill, who is about as focused and kind as a guy could ask for. We are starting to really teach well and flow well in our lessons and door approaches. We have been doing some tracting and it’s pretty fun, for now at least.

The apartment is nice and the ward is very friendly and loving. We are in Canton, Connecticut and it’s not too cold; it hasn't dipped below 20 yet during the day and there's hardly any snow left on the ground.

I am beginning to love the people and the trees, even if they are all bare. The houses here have low rock fences that are 3 ft thick and about the same high, they're growing on me. We cover a pretty big area that ranges from mansions to some pretty poverty-stricken areas. The member food is good and my companion and I are passable as cooks. The people are disappointingly easy to understand and exactly as blunt as promised. There are large churches everywhere and most people here were at least raised going to church.

We have had the hand of God in our life shown time and time again even though we are only at 5 days that I've been here. We have a lot of potential investigators right now and about 3 investigators who are progressing. I'm looking at my companion’s novel written home right now and I guess I'm just a man of few words or something that. If you have any requests or questions I’ll cover them next week.

I'd encourage you to try and find someone you could share with the missionaries or give a card to and invite the missionaries over and ask them to teach the first lesson. It is simple and invites the spirit to testify of truths and teach new things to you.

Your Missionary,
Elder Zimmerman


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