July 27, 2020




Elder Benjamin Boden

Week 52: Hump Daaayyyyyyy!

Hey everyone, happy hump day week!!! I am very grateful for your love, advice and prayers. This week was very tough! Despite the challenges, I found myself turning closer to the Lord not further away. Prayers have been answered and comfort has been given. Right now I'm feeling alot of gratitude for what God has given me and for His infinite patience. I am grateful to be here in Poland, despite the many many challenges I have to face each day. Heavenly Father continues to teach me long suffering, humility, endurance, gratitude and patience. I've been reading from my patriarchal blessing, trying to see things from new and brighter perspectives. Honestly I feel even more grateful and optimistic after reading. I'm currently near the end of a 40 Day Book of Mormon Challenge. The second one given to us from our mission president. We are asked to ponder questions such as, how has my relationship with the Savior grown over these last 40 days, what do I need to change to be more like Him, what will I do now and how have I seen the Lord's hand in my life through the trials of COVID-19. Yesterday I set a baptismal date with a man we have been teaching. I have a positive feeling that he is going to enter the waters of Baptism next month. Despite the trials I have to face, I try my best to look towards others. Sometimes that is very difficult to do when we are swallowed up in pride. I'm grateful for the atonement. I believe that if what you are doing isnt helping someone else, then what you are doing is not worth it. I have seen blessings that come from service and selflessness. Ironically personal blessings. I'm so blessed in so many aspects of my life. I am dumbfounded thinking of all that Heavenly Father has done for me. Right now I'm living among some of the saddest, and angriest and confused people the world has to offer. Yet, the Lord provides ways for us to reach them and to allow His Spirit to penetrate deep into their hearts. It is nothing short of a miracle. Especially in the last year, I have seen this mission go from the bottom to the top. Poland used to be seen as the worst place to go to as a missionary. Now it is just the opposite. I have loved my mission! This week I pass the year mark, which to me is simply unbelieveable. It is amazing to think of where I was a year ago entering the MTC. I dont feel like I can easily recognize the person I was a year ago. The Lord has put me through the refiners fire many times in order to help me become a better person. A better servant, a better priesthood holder, a better son, a better big brother, a better friend, a better boyfriend. I have a great feeling that there are going to be many more lessons to be learned. This time next summer, I'll be packing my bags saying goodbye to my temporary home. When times get rough I think about how rewarding, emotional and successful everything will be and how I will feel after having completed a full 2 year mission in Poland. I picture seeing the people I love the most in world, falling into their arms, saying, "I did it." Then thinking to myself if it's all real. I will keep pushing for that dream to come true. This week we get to travel to Warsaw for our first in person zone conference. It will be 2 days. The first will be full of catching up, food, sports, fun and even a movie! The next will be full of instruction as the mission narrows but the work is staggering upwards at an impressive rate. In fact we will be down to the 20's in missionary force. Once the new missionaries get here, we will all most likely be asked to train. Crazy and exciting time to be a missionary. I am so grateful for the strength and impressions that I have been given from our Heavenly Father that have kept me steady day to day. I am so very blessed, especially to have all of you in my life. I am fighting for you and praying for you all. I love you. Happy 1 year mark.😊


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