July 6, 2020




Elder Benjamin Boden

4th of July

Hey!!! I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend celebrating the 4th. It was a memorable experience being the only ones celebrating on Saturday.😂 We made the most of it! So I woke up Saturday morning and walked into the bathroom to shower and all that fun stuff, and I wasn't watching where I was walking and slammed my toe against a little cement jut out right under the bathtub. I thought I lost the toe. Haha I don't know exactly how bad it is but I think its broken.😕 It got all swollen and black pretty soon after it happened! After a chaotic morning, we went to the city to our local Apteka to pick up some medicine I've been needing. While waiting in line we met a homeless man who gave us a thorough explanation of how he would kill me if he wanted to.😂 He said he was a boxer a long time ago and was demonstrating on me how he would take us out. He was nice about it... I mean as nice as you can be while explaining how you take a person out of commission... Haha you've gotta love it, literally don’t think that would happen to me anywhere else. We ate at a really cheap "mini pizza shop" where the pizza was only 3zł. That's not even a dollar in the U.S. I really enjoyed them. Later that night we had an all-American style "barbecue" at home! We cooked ourselves kiełbasa (sausage) and cheeseburgers! We also found barbecue chips and watermelon. It was nothing like the holiday back home, but it was awesome! It is crazy to think that at this time next year I'll be getting my things ready and going home! Time really flies by! Besides that, nothing else super exciting. The week went by fast, just like every week seems to these days! Oh I just remembered, I met another homeless man and I opened a beer can for him haha! Pretty funny! This Sunday I met the branch in Bydgoszcz and they are seriously the best! I couldn't believe how big it was, we had over 10 people!! It was the coolest ever! I was able to introduce myself to everyone over the pulpit. We also had visitors from Germany and were able to translate the meeting for them into English. The father of the visiting family was Polish and bore a beautiful testimony about receiving a witness that the church is true. I talked to him afterwards and seriously he was such a cool guy!! We spent time on Sunday fasting for the Lord to create a way for us to recieve new missionaries. It's crazy how small our mission has gotten recently. Missionaries keep ending their missions and there hasn't been anyone to replace them for months now. We will have faith and hope for the best! I started my 40 day Book of Mormon challenge. I started with a few questions in mind that I pray will be answered. So far I've learned that when you put your faith in God first, everything starts to work itself out in your life even when unexpected trials occur. (Falling off a train and breaking a guitar, being sick, breaking a toe.) It's almost like it's a good thing to be experiencing unexpected challenges because it shows you that you are on the right path. Added light in your life also many times means added trials! Luckily we have the tools to overcome all things! Anyways I love you all, I hope that everyone is happy and healthy. Have a great week! Pa!


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