July 1, 2020




Elder Benjamin Boden

Week 46: A Sanctifying Week

It's almost July! I cant believe the 4th is this next week, hopefully we will come up with something to do in celebration. I think we ended up having a pretty great week despite the fact! I have been stuck at home sick this last week. I'm just now coming out of it, and I'm super thankful for that. With being sick, I made it a goal to allow this time to be a sacred experience instead of a painful and stressful one. I remember feeling that way last time I was sick, and I'm grateful that I learned what to do this time around.

I spent alot of time reading the Book of Mormon which prompted alot of ideas on how I could use the time given to me more effectively. I decided to begin reading Jesus the Christ which has been an amazing book so far that has answered many questions I have had about the Savior and the plan of salvation. I'm thankful that I've been able to read that because its helped me better put into words how I can explain God's Plan to others. I got caught up on some journaling and spent some time pondering on what I need to do when I get home next summer. I was feeling stressed not having a concrete plan, but after this week, I can honestly say I've got a good vision and idea of how things should go next summer! I'm very grateful for that. I spent some time creating lesson plans for each topic header in Preach My Gospel. My goal is to do 1 or 2 a day depending on length and have them all finished at the end of July. I think itll help me be a more effective teacher and have more thought out lessons. If not, well at least I was able to dive deeper into the teachings in Preach my Gospel.

Last but not least I recommitted to new short term-long term goals. Along with those goals I've made new workout and meal plans that I'm really excited to try! I'm really grateful for the time I have to serve as a missionary, especially as I learn how to be a better disciple of the Savior and how to be a better person overall. I'm excited to chart the changes I've been able to recognize in myself next month after I'll have officially been a missionary for a year! Can't wait! I love you all. Stay safe, and be happy! Something I've learned this week is that there is always peace in the moment! It's helped me stay mentally sane!😂 Maybe it'll just help you too! Bye everyone!


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