May 25, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 41: Piłka nożna!!!

This has been one of the greatest weeks that I've had on my mission in Kielce. My family played a huge role in this week being so great. I am so grateful for the love and advice that comes from my loved ones back home!

At the beginning of the week our senior missionary couple moved from Kielce to Łódź and we were able to help them pack and load up before they left. The senior couple in Warsaw, the Bridges came down with the Potwór Frank (the beast Frank) which is the mission van, and helped!

Afterwards we had a lesson with someone new! This guy... looks exactly like Post Malone, minus the face tattoos haha. He was very superstitious of what we have been teaching the people in Kielce, so he wanted to learn for himself if what we are teaching is true. He told us that if he finds it to be true, he will help us share the gospel.

On our vlogging adventures, we began filming at a super nice local soccer pitch in Kielce!!! When we first found it, I was so happy because I have waited my whole mission to be able to play soccer and meet new people. That opportunity came! We went to the pitch to film our Facebook ad, but the pitch was full of people who were playing a scrimmage. The spirit and my companion urged me to go join, and so I did and I played my first full soccer match in Poland with some awesome guys from Ukraine! The best part was being able to meet some new people and get their contacts in order to meet up with them again. I'm mostly grateful for that experience because it was in line with what the spirit wanted me to do that day. It was so much fun, and it deepened my love for the people here and for this city!

We had 3 meetings yesterday with members! Our first was with Sister Ella who came to us in the chapel. We had a great little sacrament meeting and had a discussion afterwards. Then we were able to go to Karina and visit her family! Those kids are the best, I love them! We gave them the sacrament and were able to talk with them. I also set up a time to go play soccer with them this week! The kids were so excited. The last meeting was with the missionaries in Łódź over Zoom. We were able to help teach a new friend which was amazing!

All in all, I kept super busy this week and can't believe how fast the time passed. I don't know what happened, but a trigger in my head flipped this week and it put me into a "hyperdrive" kind of mode.😄 Which was great! I feel very accomplished. There is only another week and a half of this transfer and we learned that we will not be receiving missionaries until August or later. That means as more missionaries leave, we need to become more driven, obedient and hard working missionaries so that we can be more effective in Poland. This is a part of Gods plan! So I know that he will provide a way and that there are beautiful lessons to be learned. If you are struggling, this is the best advice I can give you. Turn yourself outwards towards those who are around you everyday that you haven't noticed need help. Service is the way to feel more accomplishment. As you serve, you will feel the presence of the spirit and you will be able to more clearly recognize where you stand with your Heavenly Father. Tomorrow we get to go help a lady mow her lawn on her farm in Kranòw. I am so excited. Those are the experiences that help me the most to understand in what ways I am developing and becoming the disciple that God needs me to become. I love you all. I sincerely pray for you. I am not perfect and I have so much to learn as I try my best to do that which the Lord needs on a daily basis. I am grateful for the lessons I have been taught and I am excited for those to come. T minus one transfer until 1 year!


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