May 18, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 40: A trip down Filipino lane.

Well... We did it everybody, another week come and gone just like that. This week there were two unique experiences that really impacted me.

Earlier this week I got a call from the sisters serving in a neighboring city called Lublin. They called and told me about how they had met this man named Tim a while ago. I was told the coolest thing... He was found through the dance video I made a while ago for the quarantine! He saw the sisters dancing in the city and was then introduced to the church! Guess what?! Tim has a baptismal date!! Isn't that the greatest blessing? It is seriously my testimony that the Lord understands and gives us talents for the purpose of sharing with others what we love so dearly. I am so grateful for my passion of dancing. Due to that, and the guidance of the Lord, Tim is going to enter the waters of baptism. I am so happy for him! Use your talents, improve them, and make the world a better place through them. If we can do it through dancing in Poland, you can do anything you put your MIND and your HEART to. I believe in you!

The second experience happened yesterday. My District includes Kielce and Łódź, and this weekend I was told about 2 men from the Philippines who had moved to Łódź and were interesting in participating in our sacrament meeting and missionary lessons. Well! These guys speak NO english and NO polish. So you can see the situation we were in. Also the 2 men speak different languages. Tagolog and Cebuano! So it was my mission to find translators for this meeting... As fate would have it, my dad speaks Tagolog! He served in the Philippines with a woman who speaks Cebuano, Tagalog and English! What a miracle! My dad was able to translate the sacrament meeting for one of the men in Tagolog and his friend and her son (a missionary) translated for the other man in Cebuano. The meeting was fantastic and they asked great questions about sacrament and the Church! Afterwards they even began sharing posts about the missionaries which is awesome! The sisters will continue teaching them and we will work hard to find translators! Being a part of that experience as a missionary with my father who also served a mission was a memorable and special experience for me. I will never forget it and I am so grateful for it!

This week I officially become the acting Branch President for Kielce until I am transferred. I was able to be trained this last week and visit all of the members which was a fantastic experience. I love the members in Kielce and they are so kind towards us. Being around them is a blessing and they have very special spirits. It was also a fantastic opportunity to speak Polish and translate for the Southards who are moving to Łódź!

I've been reflecting over the last 10 months as a missionary and can’t believe the growth I have had to make to be qualified to serve the Lord more effectively! I look forward to the new changes that are taking place!

Last but not least we found out that we as a mission are going to be VLOGGING! If you know me, you know how much I love to vlog and video edit, so I am excited! Vlogging is something I will definitely be doing after my mission so I'm taking this as a good learning opportunity!!

I hope that you all are happy and safe and healthy. I've learned this week that my problems are so small compared to problems others face here on Earth. I feel blessed. I am beyond blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. Being on a mission has taught me how to appreciate the people in my life who truly love and care for me. I hope this week brings you many blessings! Bye!


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