May 11, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 39: Blessed with a NEW PLAYLIST!

Good morning everyone back home! My prayers are with you as you continue to brave through the government laws and restrictions and other trials that face you.

We have had an interesting week in Kielce. One of the greatest blessings that came this week for ALL missionaries in Poland was a Disney playlist which was created by our awesome Mission President! When I heard the news, I was jumping around so EXCITED! After that I sat down and played Moana and sang my heart out over the balcony. Who would have known that I could have missed Disney music that much?! It has been a huge help for me as I've been continuing to navigate my way through quarantine as a missionary. It has brought me alot of joy and I truly see it as a blessing from the Lord.

This week a drunk man was wandering around in the Southards backyard. He decided to hop a fence and broke 3 big panels off of an elderly lady's fence! He fell onto his back and was chased off of the property by two German Shepard's! The guy was fast! We talked to the lady and came over and placed the fence back in. About an hour later, the old lady came out with a 12ft ladder and climbed over the fence to put like 40 nails into the wood! She was crazy, but she did it!

The last few days I have experienced many things, and through my experiences I've been able to deepen my conversion to this gospel and have more faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I am very grateful to be one who proclaims truth in Poland. Although things are changing rapidly within the mission, I have faith that this is the will of God and that this is what we need to be doing in order to be the most effective mission possible.

I love you all. I'm sorry there isn't much to say. I know you understand how it goes in quarantine! I love you all. Stay safe and enjoy the journey. Dont just survive quarantine, thrive through it.😊


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