May 4, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 38: RC Cars

Hey everyone! So sorry I didnt write last week, there truly just wasn't a whole lot to talk about! This week was great and went by fast. So far we haven't found anyone new who wants to learn about the gospel, but in due time something will happen. We bought little RC cars that were super cheap and planned on making a track that the cars could drive on with different pit stops that highlighted the plan of salvation! We wanted to post that on facebook! So we spent a bunch of time putting up a track made up of toilet paper rolls and pennies and books! After all of our hard work we tested out the cars and they were HORRIBLE.😂 They couldn't even drive straight and mine didnt turn so the track and car Facebook post idea was a fail.😂 Hey, hopefully we can come up with something better this week! The malls all opened up today, which will be super nice! Another place to explore while we are in this quarantine! The highlight of the week was hearing from James Curran (aka James the Mormon) for our mission devotional on Friday night! It was sooooo good! He told us his story and how the atonement and the love of God changed his life and made him who he is today. He is full of humility and I felt myself relating to him ALOT. At the end we got to ask him questions and I asked what advice he had when I came to overcoming toxic perfectionism? He told me to always remember that because of the gospel we can always get back up when we get punched down, and that is beautiful. I also loved that he taught us how much the Lord loves effort. As a missionary, you learn to become very aware of your efforts on a daily, and even on an hourly basis. I was grateful for his humble message and the spirit that was felt by all of the missionaries in Poland. The Southards were awesome this week and made us a few meals, went to McDonald's with us and showed us pictures of their trips to Jerusalem, Hawaii, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Peru! It was so cool! They have been all around the world. There are 4 more weeks of this transfer! Next transfer is going to be amazing because itll be the transfer where I hit my year mark! How crazy is that?! I also look forward to serving in a new city sometime in the future. We had a great district council this week and Elder Southard gave us a Polish history presentation (Part 1 of 2) which was super interesting. It helped me grow in my respect and love for this country. Anyways besides that there isnt much else to report.😊 Happy and doing well, time is flying by! I love you all and I am so grateful for your messages and prayers! Also! I'm officially past 9 months! My cousins and siblings made an awesome poster for me, and it made my day so I wanted to attach that too!😄 Thank you SOOOOO much!


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