April 20, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 37: Another Week in Quarantine...

Reality check! Yes this is all still happening... But it's okay! I dont know about you but I have been learning how to appreciate the little blessings and tender mercies that I experience each day. Whether that is simply a good feeling or a recollection of an old memory or something funny that makes me smile.😄 To me those little things are what makes this life worth living. It makes me happy when I try to look at things with more love and gratitude. I haven't always been that way. I give thanks to the Lord for allowing me to see with a new perspective throughout this pandemic. Anyways here is a little bit about the week!

We tried to get out of the house and go to the Auchan this week (our grocery store) and when we arrived we were greeted by 200 impatient Poles who were all stuck in line to get inside. Well scrap that idea! We got some Kebab instead! (Turkish food is HUGE in Poland).
On Sunday there was an illegal chemical waste plant that blew up and caused a huge chemical fire in Kielce. There were all these huge sirens that started sounding and it seriously sounded like we were 'boutta get hit by some bombers or something! It was so loud! It went of later that night too, but I think everything got taken care of last night. Honestly that is about as exciting as it got here this week! We had Zoom Interviews with President and those went well! Weve been introducing people to the gospel over Facebook and that's been a huge blessing. I also finished a puzzle haha. The good news is that the weeks here feel like days now. It wasn't always that way, but it is going by so fast!

Today we went on a drive around the area and found some really cool cathedrals and ski slopes!! It was fun! I also met a few farmers and talked to them for a while and asked if we could take a picture of their fields haha! It was fun!

I honestly wish there was more to say but that's just kinda how the week went!😄 I love you all, I hope you have an amazing week! Stay strong!


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