April 6, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 35: General Conference

For me, general conference was not unforgettable because of a global health pandemic. It was not memorable because of the amazing new announcements which we heard. To me, general conference was both memorable and unforgettable because of the personal preparation and revelation that I received. I took a new approach to taking notes and instead of writing what the speakers were saying, I wrote down my past experiences that came into my heart, I came up with new questions that I wanted to find answers to, I wrote down impressions and thoughts given to me by the Spirit, and created new goals for what I want to study and what aspects of my life I want to improve upon. I especially enjoyed Sister Jones, Sister Bingham, Elder Holland and Elder Bednars talks and felt the Spirit strongly confirm in my heart that their teachings were true. I hope that you all had an amazing conference weekend and that you received the answers that you had been looking for. I know that I did, and I have received much clarity in my life which has resulted in greater happiness and joy. I am so grateful for general conference. One lesson that I took away was that I don't need to have every answer or know everything about the gospel right now. Little by little and step by step, Heavenly Father will reveal more to me when he wants me to receive it. That gives me greatest peace and comfort. I love you all, and I know this work is true! I am humbled by the opportunity I have to serve my Father in Heaven during this time. I am so grateful for the growth and the happiness I get to experience.


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