March 24, 2020

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President Chandler

Covid 19 Update

Dear Parents and Stake Presidents,

In the preface to section 45 of the Doctrine and Covenants, we learn that this was a

"Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to the Church, at Kirtland, Ohio, March 7, 1831. Prefacing the record of this revelation, Joseph Smith’s history states that “at this age of the Church … many false reports … and foolish stories, were published … and circulated, … to prevent people from investigating the work, or embracing the faith."

In this age of social media and 24-hour news cycles, it is easy to get lost in the commotion and chaos of the world with many voices competing for our attention (see D&C 45:26). These voices come from many sources. Sometimes the information is accurate but it can also be incomplete and misleading. With the rapid adjustments to missionary work being made as we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we turn to approved sources for information.

At the top of the Church's official page, you will find the following link under the banner:

"How COVID-19 is Impacting Saints Worldwide"

This link will take you to all the information the Church has published regarding efforts to keep missionaries and members safe. We encourage you to review the information found on this page and we are confident that it will answer many of your questions.

Updates on How COVID-19 Is Impacting Saints Worldwide
This article is frequently updated with new information. Note time stamps for most recent additions. This page provides updates on how COVID-19 (coronavirus) is impacting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its global membership.

We recently reminded our missionaries how important it is to not go to unapproved sources for information and to not propagate rumors which are circulating in the Church. All necessary information regarding missionary work in the Poland Warsaw Mission and the Church will come to them through me as I receive them from the appropriate and approved Church and local government channels.

Regarding our current situation, we are pleased to report that all of our senior and younger missionaries are healthy and adjusting well to the changes in their schedule, despite having some cabin fever from being cooped up in their apartments.

To help alleviate some of the monotony, we are holding daily mission-wide devotionals with both spiritual and fun components that have really helped to lift their spirits. Today we will have a zone conference via Zoom for the Wrocław Zone and then again on Thursday for the Warszawa Zone. We have also been on the road visiting the missionaries in order to have some in-person contact and time with them (and, of course, to deliver mail 😊).

At the present time there are NO plans to send any of our missionaries home. Our missionaries scheduled to arrive in Poland in April have been temporarily reassigned state-side and we look forward to their future arrival when travel is permitted to Poland.

Regarding the missionaries who are completing their mission on April 7th, their flights for that day are still valid. Any changes will be directly communicated to the missionary and his/her family.

In accordance with guidance from the Missionary Department and US Department of State, all missionaries who are US citizens are now registered in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ( This program allows the US State Department to know where its citizens are located and to help arrange travel if necessary. Again, the Church is arranging travel and this resource will only be utilized if the Church is unable to get a missionary home. Your missionary will receive communications from this site from time to time, but they have been instructed NOT to act on any information unless instructed to do so by me.

Siostra Chandler and I again thank each of you for your continued patience and faith as we navigate this rapidly changing situation in which we find ourselves. We pray for each of you and the welfare and safety of your families.

Prezydent Chandler
Polska Warszawska Misja


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