March 23, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 33: Poland and Covid-19

It was a great week to be a missionary!

Monday night, I was able to call my good friend from high school Sister Shen who is serving in Manchester and teach a lesson to a man from Poland!!! It was so awesome to see Christy but even more awesome to translate the lesson and help this man who had made the commitment to be baptized!!! Also I got to do his Baptismal interview in Polish! It was amazing! I'm sure he will come back to Poland and convert his family who all live right next to Kielce! That was a fantastic experience and Adrian had such a great spirit about him. He is ready to be baptized!! What a miracle! It was cool think that if I didn't know Christy I may not have been able to help this man and teach him the lessons we taught! All a part of Gods plan!

On Tuesday I had to travel a few hours to Warsaw in order to get all the medicine that I needed for my sinus infection! Its helped alot, I feel a million times better. That was a fun trip, we got to see other missionaries for a minute which was a blessing!

In Poland, we have been taking the work a day at a time. At the beginning of the week we began social distancing and several new rules and standards were put into place in order to keep us safe yet effective during this outbreak. Something new that we have been doing as a mission is nightly devotionals! I love them! Every night at 20:30 we call on Zoom and start with President Chandler updated us on Corona cases and information for our mission and for other missions. Many have been sent home but everyone is still here in Poland which is a blessing! I pray that we won’t have to return home, but at this point, it is likely. If so, it'll take a heart full of faith! But we got this! I wonder how many missionaries can be reassigned to the U.S before it gets full! Haha I am sure that's not likely but what a crazy time. General conference will be fantastic for sure! After we get updates and announcements we have a safety tip and a spiritual thought. A new district is assigned to be in charge each night! We also have mission challenges each day that include calling home for 15 minutes, recording a talk for our families for their sacrament meetings or watching the Book of Mormon videos. By the way the new one is MY FAVORITE! Also we have fun daily competitions like who can create the best 'Corona Meme' or the best professional picture of food! Haha things like that. Today is who can make the best homemade facemask.πŸ˜‚ So great!

This week I made a rap video!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am NOOOOO rapper but I had so much fun! It was just a cheesy way to make people smile! I have another project that is under way, and it will hit facebook soon! I am the MOST excited for this one. Facebook work is fun when you take it seriously and take the time to allow your creativity to come in. Many missions have not been trained in Facebook and I am so grateful that we were prepared by the Lord and President. During our devotional President told us that he believes the reason we are still here in Poland is because we all went through a huge repentance and humility process when he came in. Everyone recommitted and rediscovered their testimony and desire to be obedient. President Chandler is the best mission President, let me tell ya!! He is another reason I'm praying I don't have to leave this place.

Also I have been in Kielce my whole mission! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Crazy huh? I was thinking of that today! I've been here a LONG LONG TIME. Its basically my home away from home now. I have an amazing balcony overlooking the city and I go out there in the mornings when its sunny and do my studies. It is amazing! The fresh air and the sun feel great!

A year ago I opened my mission call in New York in the Sacred Grove. Wow wow wow how time flies.

I am healthy and I am doing well! My prayers are with those who are suffering during this time! Also what is with those earthquakes?

The work is hastening and the Lord is preparing His children for something HUGE! I hope we will all be ready. Start by listening to the counsel of the brethren and the Prophet.

Anyways I love you all and we will see what happens next!


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