March 16, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 32: Stuck at Home

How do weeks get quicker and quicker? Before I know it, it's already P Day again. I love it! Time is flying and after next transfer I hit my year mark and am on the countdown. Where does the time go? My mind is BLOWN. I've been reflecting on my time so far in Poland and I've been shocked at how my idea of what my mission was going to look like is completely different from what the Lord has planned! But I mean that in all the best ways. I've experienced trials that I never knew I needed to experience and because of those situations I have been able to grow and learn how to rely on the Lord. I've learned how to be independent, how to be more responsible and how to have more empathy for others. The Lord has really used this time to teach me many valuable lessons. This has been quite the journey. This week I needed to be reminded that there is no such thing as the perfect missionary. In the church I have always felt that missionaries are ones who don't show their weaknesses and I have only ever seen missionaries be happy and full of life. I needed to remind myself that we are people too, on the same spiritual path, having to learn, having to fail at times, but then trying to grow. I'm ok admitting that I have weaknesses. Not everything is always sunshine! I don't want people to see me as the missionary who has all these problems or the one who struggled his whole mission. That's not true. All missionaries struggle with different things on their missions. Physical limitations, mental barriers and so much more. I feel like its important to keep things real for you all. I want people to know that it's okay to not always feel 100%. It's okay to have weakness, but more than that its necessary to let other people know. Weren't we all angels once? We have the capability to lift each other and God has always been so good at sending us people who will take care of us. I've been blessed with the best of the best in my life. The people in my life inspire me to succeed each day. I've been going through my own unique struggles these last few weeks since getting sick. It's been a hard journey since then. But I'm not giving up, I've never given myself that option. Not with work, not with school not with sports and definitely not here, right now. I'm so grateful to be serving such amazing and special people. I gain a greater gratitude for all that I have each day I walk the streets and talk to new people. I have made life long friends here and I know that there is something coming, something that will confirm in my heart the reason why I was sent here. I get to share my testimony with others. That is so unique. I challenge you all to share your testimony with others. When we arent sharing, we are losing.. Always move forward, don’t step back. The coolest part of the atonement and the craziest thing about life is that when we have been pushed to the very edge of the cliff and the only choice is to go over the edge, God will be there. Now sometimes hes gonna carry you right when you fall.. but I feel like most of the time, he's going to teach you how to fly. That's a longer fall, sure, but learning how to fly is going to save you the next time you hit that cliff edge again. I'm working on my testimony and I'm fighting for a deeper conversion each day. The key to true happiness is obedience everyone. The harder right has the greatest blessings. We've been quarantined for the most part in Poland. We are still able to leave for groceries, sacrament and appointments. Besides that we are inside. I'm going to find as many people as humanly possible this week to teach. We are ready for a temple in Poland. I'll do whatever it takes to help these people find the greatest happiness. The sun is out now and it is absolutely gorgeous. I've enjoyed it so much. You never realize how great the sun is until you've lived without it for several months! Funny story this week, a drunk man came up to us in a store and wouldn't leave us alone. Finally he asked who we were and I explained we were missionaries. He was shocked and asked if I was a Priest from the Catholic church. This man was REALLY drunk and I have met him before. I decided to just say yes and it was the funniest reaction! He grabbed my hands and was going OFF about his life and how God is good. It was fun because I just held his hands and went with it! I was like, yep God is good! He wouldnt let me go but after about 5 minutes I was able to break free and leave. Haha that was a fun moment! This is going to be a crazy week! I'm going to see a doctor in Warsaw this week so that'll be nice to get out! I'm excited to see what kind of miracles will happen in Poland this week.


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