March 9, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 31: Had to take a sick week....

Hey everyone!!πŸ˜„ Its been a crazy week! I'm doing well today! I've been sick the last few weeks but WHAHOOOOOOOO!!! Today is going much better! I am so grateful for your prayers and love and support through that trial! Thank you all for taking the time to think and pray and help me. You are all amazing and I am blessed with the best of the best. I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

On Saturday, I was asked by President Chandler and Sister Chandler to go to the emergency room to get the help I needed! I have to be honest, Polish doctors and hospitals are SKETCHY. Communism really took a hit on the medical side of the country. The buildings are really old and falling apart and the medical staff is difficult to work with. After arriving they took my blood, and did a few tests. I was told to wait in another room and eventually a lady came and had me do a chest scan. That didn’t take too long but after that I had to wait another 40 minutes in order to get an MRI... None of us can figure out why they decided to do that, it was really interesting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don't think I needed that! After that they took me to another part of the hospital where they did a few more tests and saw an infection in my throat. They wrote me a few prescriptions and removed the IV and I was good to go! That honestly wasn't a very fun experience but it was a memorable one. I dont know what kind of illness I have been dealing with but I'm guessing it's been a sinus infection or strep throat... I don't know for sure but I doing well recovering today!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

This week we met with a man about family history. It was fantastic. He was grateful for the tools we gave him and he asked some great questions about the church. We were able to really turn it into a good teaching experience and he plans on returning to learn more.

Along with that, the new machine that will send out friend requests and messages to people in our individual areas is up and running! Still amazed at how much of a genius the missionary is who created this software.

Weronika is still planning on being baptized the first week of April. We have more lessons to teach her, but she knows this is true and is willing right now to qualify for the blessings of baptism. I am so excited for her and we are anxiously looking for more people to teach and bring closer to Christ.

Yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting about the prophets invitation to seek for personal revelation and better prepare ourselves individually for general conference this April. I felt impressed to share my experience about opening my mission call in the scared grove. I feel like I needed to reflect on that moment in my life to help get me through this week. It brought back alot of feelings and emotions that I had when I first read that I would be serving in Poland. This month it will have been a year since I opened that call.

I've been working on this puzzle...
And I SWEAR that it is broken.πŸ˜‚ I have tried everything to make it work but right now all it is, is 1000 pieces of anxiety.πŸ˜‚ Hopefully I can figure it out eventually!

I want you all to know that I came out here for a reason and I fully intend on fulfilling the purposes of God while I am here. My biggest fear is having regrets about this mission.. that is why I am doing everything I can to be the representative I promised that I would be. This week really put alot of fear into me! I've had dreams about coming home and feeling completely broken and feeling that I didn't fulfill my purpose. Although scary, those moments where I have felt this way have instilled in me a new fire to push harder than ever before. I know why I came here, and I'm not leaving without giving everything that I am and everything that I have. Faith, not fear. There is no room for fear. I am discovering my role in gathering scattered Israel and helping my brothers and sisters. This week was humbling. Without my God, I feel that I am nothing. All I want to do is make people smile. I want to give them the opportunity to see life in a new light. I know what it's like to sit in darkness, and it's not a place anyone wants to be for very long, so I'm going to move faster and harder to help those people get through those trials and out of the dark!

My spirits are high and I feel so happy and blessed to have been given so much in my life! An amazing family, incredible one of a kind friends, a great mission President, a beautiful home, an awesome mission! That is only the surface. Plus the sun is shining today and I think I'm going to visit ChΔ™ciny today and see the castle! I can’t wait! Anyways I hope to have alot more to report next week. If you get some free time, please write me, I love to hear about how you are doing and how life is going. I promise I'll do my best to respond. Thank you all for making me smile and for loving me so unconditionally. I am so grateful! Thank you!!


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