March 2, 2020




Elder De Baun

Weekend 30: SICK....but not “Korona Wirus”

Fortunately it's not Korona Wirus (Polish version of Corona Virus) but I came down with something nasty this week! It hit me hard and it reminded me of one of the soccer matches I played in high school. I remember that we had already lost to this team once before and we didn't want to lose again! I was playing CB with my buddy James Kim and I remember running up to challenge an attacker on the opposite team. He chipped the ball into my nose, I hit the ground and immediately after that he kicked me in the face while striking the ball. DOWN AND OUT just as fast as if happened.😂 I'll attach a picture! That same game, my brother Soya broke his ankle! We won in the end, but it felt like a loss after getting beat up like that! But that was how I felt this week. Got beat down and then kicked when I was down. But! Its alright, I'm happy and I'm doing great! I'm just excited to get back out there! Corona isnt in Poland... yet.😂 But it's funny because that's the name of the soccer team in Kielce. Korona! Also that's the name of the mall! So I think it's kinda funny. Hopefully its just a coincidence.😂 But we are stocked up just in case!
I got to travel to Gdańsk this week for exchanges! The zone leaders were sick too when I got there! So we focused the exchange on family history work and facebook! I still got to see the city a little, and it was beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing boats there and the water! That night we had a ping pong competition and we decided to do a bracket system, whoever won got to choose whichever tie he wanted from one other missionary. Elder Stewart won! He chose Elder Zabriskies tie! I got lucky! The total travel time was 14 hours to and from Gdańsk I also was able to work on a cool puzzle this week in my "sick time." It was actually really relaxing. At the same time it frustrated me just a little.😂 I slept alot too. I was just so nauseous and had bad headaches and vertigo! But it's getting better... I think!😆 I had to cancel hip hop too and that was painful but it didnt look like anyone was able to make it anyways which was a blessing really. Pray that next week we can get back into the groove. Today I'm taking it easy! I bought some extra groceries in case we run unto some problems with corona. I tried a new burger place this week and it was amazing! Poles know how to make a good burger!! The place is called Max Burger. My favorite has been Bobby Burger but I think its changed! Unfortunately we dont have a Max in Kielce. Maybe one day! I also hit 7 months on my mission! That is so crazy! This transfer is already half way over but it feels like it was yesterday I was picking up Elder De Baun in Warsaw. Hes a great guy by the way, I have truly enjoyed my time with him so far! We get along great and he makes me laugh! He loves caffeine and chocolate too haha. He drinks at least 5 red bulls a week with cokes and Pepsi and monster in between. I couldn't possible drink all that, I would get too sick! But he seems to handle it well!😂 Anyways he is awesome, I love him! I am still in awe that I have been able to use dance to find people. It is the coolest thing ever. It has made my mission just that much more unforgettable. The weather has been pretty consistent. Rain and clouds! I am excited to see some green once spring hits. Still looking forward to the baptism next month and working on getting Wiesław ready. He says he has to stop smoking on his own and I respect that. Keep him in your prayers. He is so ready for Baptism, he just needs to unbind himself from the chains of smoking! Also while I've been sick, I have received so much love from the people here! They are all so kind! Anyways, that's all for this week, I hope it gets a little more exciting next time around!


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