February 24, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 29: ZION

Poland is awesome! Something that I've been noticing alot more is how often the word ZION is spelt out in graffiti on tons and tons of buildings! It is always nice to see those little reminders that keep me focused on the goal ahead!! Stakes and temples!! It is my dream to have a temple here and when that days comes (and it will) it will be very emotional for me! I have learned to love these people and wouldn't want to be serving anywhere else.

This week we had zone conference in Warsaw where we started to catch the vision of the importance of family history work. I am trying to find my family who is currently here in Poland. I want to teach these people and I want to bring my family in Poland to the truth of the gospel.

I set a baptismal date with someone that we are teaching! She wants to be baptized on April 5th which is during the bicentennial general conference celebrating the anniversary of the First Vision of the Prophet Jospeh Smith.

Dance class this week was a thing of beauty! We danced to a funky disco style hip hop song about where we can go to find God and the kind of love he has for us. We had 10 people come and join us! They were all smiling which made me smile. Afterwards I testified of the love of God for His children and the gifts he gives us like talents. I talked about developing our talents and becoming better people through the atonement. I compared the love of Heavenly Father to the love of a parent. They always want their kids to grow to be better than they are. They all clapped and cheered after and I felt like shouting HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!! The feelings there were amazing. Please keep praying for miracles and for us to be able to teach the people here. Please pray for their hearts to be softened and for them to have a desire to come to understand God’s will.

This week I get to travel to Gdańsk for exchanges!! Wish us luck, 7 hour train ride ahead of us it looks like!

I got to see Elder Nielson this week in Kielce, he stayed over night! It was a fun little reunion and I really enjoyed those few hours we had to catch up and discuss the work and progress of the wonderful people here.

We had a trip to Wiesławs finally!!! Little Lala started screaming when I walked in and was so happy!! It made my heart melt like it does every time! Is that the kind of feeling I get to have as a father one day? If so, it is so worth fighting for! She spent the day with me and never left my side! As she always tells Wiesław, "Moj Zak!"
Wiesław and I set a goal for him and his family to attend the temple in Germany this upcoming July. Everything is possible in the sight of God. I gotta help him stop smoking and then we can get him baptized. All in all it was a great meeting and we gave them the sacrament and watched a talk together.

Fat Thursday was a FLOP for me. I only ate 13, my goal was 40 haha. I bought some pretty gross paczki niestety.😂 But I remember praying at the beginning of the day and I felt strongly that I shouldn't push eating too many. I needed to be wise and healthy because that day I had 2 meetings and extended another baptismal invitation. I needed to have the spirit with me and the only way to be sensitive to the feelings of the spirit is by taking care of myself. I'm glad I made that decision because our meetings went great and the man we taught told me he needed to pray and find some answers. It was great!

Training is going well and I'm learning new ridiculous Polish things each day.😂😂
ITS THE BEST! Seriously I am so happy though. This language is hard but it has shown me the trust and the faith that God has put in me. He qualifies me each time I wake up to start a new day.

It has been a good week! It went by really fast... this transfer is already more than 1/3 done. It is the fastest it's ever been! Today I realized I only have 5 months left then I'll be at a year. Half way. Wheres the time going? It’s time to put it into higher gear. Please keep praying and I hope I can hear from you all soon. I know you all are very busy, which I completely understand!! If you get a moment I would love to hear about your lives right now! Sometimes it's hard to respond, not enough hours in the day, but just know that I love you all! Thank you for everything. Here's to another week in ZION.


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