February 10, 2020




Elder De Baun

Week 27: Baptism by ....FIRE!

Nothing is more faith building than being able to train a new missionary at 6 months as a missionary!

At the beginning of the week I was in Warsaw with Starszy Stewart, Cheal and Olschewski! What a great experience. I got to see what life was like as an office Elder. They work so hard! I got to go to an outdoor war museum in Warsaw where I saw old guns and tanks and planes and radio satellites. It was really cool! I also throughly enjoyed being able to travel in a car through Warsaw! The chapel there is amazing. There is such a spirit that exists there. I was able to host a games night with Starszy Cheal there on Monday night and it was alot of fun. We played Uno and foosball and ping pong.

Tuesday was unforgettable! The new missionaries got here and right from the beginning I had a feeling I knew exactly who I would be serving with! I was right! We got to take them out on the streets of Warsaw and go contacting for a few hours. Starszy De Baun and I found 6 people who were interested! The Starsi in Warsaw are still meeting with them! So great to hear! After that I returned to the office with the office elders and we enjoyed a nice meal from Mc. Donald's together.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜œ

Wednesday was crazy! President Chandler interviewed the trainers and we had a meeting about how to be the best trainers we can and help these missionaries love to be obedient and love these people. After that we were assigned to our new comps and ate at a fantastic polish restaurant! After that we went to the Dworzec (Train station) and were able to contact for a bit. Within a period of like 45 minutes, my AP who I was contacting with, Starszy Edward's taught me an INSANE amount about the gospel and how to talk with people and testify as a companionship. After that we were off on a train to Kielce! It took two trains to get home but we made it!

The next day we had 2 meetings with some incredible people from FB! One girl accepted the Book of Mormon and read 60 pages the day we gave it to her! It was the coolest thing! She is awesome!!

Friday we taught English class and tried to get into the Urzฤ…d. (Government offices) to register Starszy De Baun! The lady was NOT very kind or patient with us and was giving us a hard time about the documentation. Obviously at that point it was out of our hands so we had to leave and will return tomorrow!

Saturday unfortunately nobody was available for dance! But that gave us time to clean the chapel!

Sunday was beautiful! No clouds, sun shining. It felt like heaven. We had church and I spoke to the branch about the 10 commandments and how they were what I believed in before I developed a testimony of the truthfulness of the church and the gospel! That is how important they are to me. Obviously now I have gained a personal witness of truth and of the church! We were able to go contacting that day and we gave the Book of Mormon away to a cute senior couple. They were hesitant but I bore my witness of the truth and they accepted a copy. I was also able to teach CFM in Sunday School! That was great.

Today I talked with my family and bought a guitar and some pants!๐Ÿ˜Š It was so cheap!!! Nice pants for $10?! This country is the But it was a great week. Tomorrow President Chandler is coming for our interviews! Canโ€™t wait to learn and find new ways to become the missionaries the Lord needs us to be.


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