February 3, 2020




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 26; New roads ahead of me!

Transfer calls this week! I was informed that I will be training a new missionary who is flying into Poland today! I will also be the District Leader in my area which is really exciting and nerve racking news! I take comfort in the Lord’s promise to His servants that He qualifies those whom he calls. I have faith that as I live worthy of my calling and am obedient, I will see miracles not just in the area where I am serving but within myself. I am excited for the growth that will come from this experience and I am so grateful that the Lord has asked me to train and teach a new missionary. It is a special experience that I don't want to take for granted! Pray for me that I'll do a good job! My area also got moved into the north zone of my mission! (We have 2 zones, north and south) So for now I won’t be able to see many missionaries I've grown to love but now I get to meet many more!! I get to see the warsaw chapel building which is the only church building in Poland and do transfers in Gdansk which is up north on the ocean. I’m very excited for those opportunities! Today I'm traveling to Warsaw and will be with the APs until Wednesday when I meet my trainee and take him home! I'm excited because I’ll get to help with the finding activity for the new missionaries.

This week was CRAZY! My companion is going to be a zone leader in Katowice which is the south zone so unfortunately I won’t be seeing him. He spent alot of time packing this week which was so strange because we have been here together for 4 months. Now it's all different!😂

I stopped a man and his wife and we talked for a while until a very confrontational man came and started yelling at us for standing in the road. We politely moved aside and allowed him to pass us but he came back asking if we had a problem. We said no, but he came nose to nose with the man we were teaching and punched him in the face. It didn't stop there, they beat each other up! They were kneeing each others faces and throwing punches and were bleeding and all swollen. We didn't know what to do because immediately the spirit left and we decided we needed to get out of that situation so we asked the man's wife if we could help then left on our way. It was a crazy experience, really freaky to watch.

We also spent alot of time speaking with the homeless people here who are very kind to us missionaries. They know we can’t give them money, but they just like being around us. I'm glad we could help them feel a little bit more joy this week. It's been freezing here but Saturday was Heavenly! It was sunny and warm! It got me really excited for the spring and summer months in Poland.

Using Facebook as a missionary tool has been amazing! I have found great people and have met many in person! It is so great that we have things like this dance class, and English and things like that to serve here!

Speaking of dance class, we had 13 people come this week to dance with us!! It was the best! I made hip hop choreography to a Jamacian style gospel song called Blessed. We were all sweating SOOO MUCH! To the point where the fan couldn't help, the mirrors were impossible to see out of, the ceiling had fog floating around it, and the floors were too slippery to dance! We worked hard! We taught about recognizing the spirit and the Book of Mormon. We were able to give some away and planned to meet with some people. It was the best!

I went to my first sushi place in Poland! We went with Josh and it was actually pretty amazing! Josh if you read this, seriously love your coat, I've got to find one like it soon!😂

We didn't get to see Wiesław and his family this week unfortunately. Dominik, his son, got into a car accident so we have been praying for them! I hope we get the chance to see them soon.

This week we deep cleaned our apartment which felt so nice! Now it's all ready to go for my new companion! Still don't know who he is but I'll find out soon!

Right now I'm on the train to Warsaw... I have alot going through my head. It was hard to sleep last night! Usually I'm so exhausted each day that I am asleep in seconds. This is going to be an important stage in my mission. I know that I am going to learn many things from my new companion and from the Polish people. I pray that the Lord will accept my humble efforts as I do the best I can to take care of the people we are teaching and others who we are destined to meet along the way. I want you all to know that I have a testimony of this gospel and of my Savior. I know that there is power that comes from keeping on the covenant path of the Lord. The process I am in right now in my life, is learning about God being a loving Father in Heaven. Many times I look at my relationship with Him and see it as a tough love relationship. I am trying to gain a better and a more passionate testimony that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. I love that through this mission I am able to use the atonement each day and develop my testimony as I study, teach and testify. I know how busy life is back home but please don't forget to put God first. Everything you have is a blessing from Him, that includes trials. Thank you for praying for me. I have a feeling I am going to really need them over the next little while. I want you to know that I have faith, and that I will do what the Lord commands, and I will focus on what God thinks more than what those around me may think. I wish you all a happy week, I know February can feel long but stay strong and find joy in the journey. Until next time! Wish me luck!


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