December 30, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 21: Missionary Christmas

Christmas! As a missionary, Christmas was very different than any other I have experienced. One down and one to go! It was unforgettable. Nothing felt like home here in Poland and that was actually kind of nice! We spent the day at Wiesławs house. I gave his daughter a baby doll for Christmas and she was just so happy! We played baby doll for 2 hours. I was the doctor and she was the nurse! It was fantastic! We all sang hymns together and ate. We were offered head cheese, but I declined and told everyone I was full! We were able to give them the sacrament for the very first time. It was special witnessing everyone partake of the sacrament together. That night I was able to call home and talk with my loved ones for a few hours. Truly a blessing and the best day of the week! We also had exchanges in Katowice this week. I was in a trio with a new missionary Starszy Sorenson and Starszy Stewart! We contacted, and taught a man who is wanted to be reactivated in the church! It was special because we were all able to share our favorite scriptures with him and testify of their truthfulness. I taught on the subject of joy! I was able to share my facebook post with him about the atonement and finding greater joy through Jesus Christ. After that we had a game night at the chapel! I met a young boy who LOVES Spiderman and legos! Haha a kid after my own heart!! For 2 hours, I built Spiderman legos with him and he chased me around the chapel pretending I was the Gree Goblin(Bad Guy) and he was Spiderman! Oh it was so tender for me. I felt as if it was heaven on earth! He was so sweet and so fun to hang out with. It was a great night. Since then I have been back in Kielce, finding more people to teach and spending time on family history! I also am teaching Sunday school in Polish! It has been a great way to speak the language and teach people. Polish is a very crazy language but I am working my hardest! Tonight we plan on helping a man stop smoking and we plan on passing out more hot chocolate. It is literally freezing here. I have a hard time being outside for so long in the bitter cold, but the Lord is strengthening me. Today I was able to see a WWII museum, which turned out being great! We had a great experience there. I am working on setting goals for 2020. Roaring 20's here we come right? It will be great. It is the only full year I get here, and then I'll be home shortly after that. It will he challenging and life changing. I am pretty physically and mentally exhausted if I am being honest. It's been tough work lately. But I am still fighting on. This email is shorter, I am sure that is okay this week! I love you all and am so grateful for your support. Have a great new year! I pray that the Lord will guide and direct you to know how to have the most impactful and meaningful year yet.😊Thx


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