December 16, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 19: Mission Christmas party this week and roasted rabbit!

This week was really crazy!! So on Tuesday, our dance class was canceled because the lady who comes and lets us in was in the hospital! So we had to send everyone home and we couldn't dance this week! 😭 But if I'm being honest it was a blessing honestly because we didn't have that many people come this week, so it wouldn't have been as effective, so I think the Lord recognized that and helped us save some money this week! It also is giving me more time to choreograph and find more people to come! Okay so the next day we got invited over to Wiesławs house! So we packed up and went down there for the day! We had soooo much fun! They even gave us christmas presents! I was very humbled by their generosity! He fed us potato soup with... BUNNY. We ate a stinkin rabbit that he killed the day before! 😭😂 He also showed his cute rabbit collection before he fed it to us so I felt so guilty! Haha! Little Lala and I played together for hours!!! She wouldn't leave my side, not once! Wiesławs son wanted to sit by me and when Wiesław asked if he could, Lala said no I cant move! Hes my Zak. I love my Zak! Then she hugged me and wouldn't let go and was like KOCHAM CIĘ! She just kept saying it on repeat! Awww! I love her so much! She wouldnt really talk to my companion, she just wanted to be with me! So adorable.😂 Anyways, Wiesław took us on a ride through the fields by his house and we saw alot of beautiful things! There were deer everywhere! Also Wiesław was like a speed demon, it was so funny! After our little trip, we went to the bus stop and we missed the bus! So we waited in the freezing cold for 2 hours until the next bus came! It never came!!! So remember how I told you about the 5 families we are now finding in each city to baptize? Well a miracle happened! A couple asked us if we wanted a ride to Kielce with them! Haha it was great! He vaped like the whole way home and wasn't interested in the church but we planted the seed so that's what matters! He was like, let me burn in armageddon, I'm okay with that! Anyways the Lord allowed us to miss the bus so we could have that experience with those people! The next day we met this guy on the streets and tried being really genuine instead of being boring and straight to the point. It worked! It was perfect! We are starting to find families to share the message of the gospel with!There is a huge ferris wheel here and that's been a good place to talk to people! Also I found a homeless man, and he was going through the garbage looking for food. I just couldn't handle it. So I went and bought him 2 sandwiches. It wasn't much, but I hope that it made him happier. I felt so bad, it was the very least I could have done. Someone we know saw that same man later that day eating the sandwiches I gave to him. I was so happy! The next day we met with a man named Tadeusz. We extended a baptismal invitation and he says he will think about it and hes been reading the book of Mormon! He came to our Christmas party and came to church!!! He is so funny he's like, “your telling me I have to give up smoking, drinking and GRANDMAS?!?!” Hahahaha! We were like yes! It's worth it! Saturday I waited at the apartment for the police because they wanted to come see if I was actually a resident here but they never came! So we went to the Christmas party! It was an amazing party! President Chandler and his family even came! President Chandler told me that if the dance class keeps going great than he wants to come to one Haha!!
We made christmas cards, watched the Christ child, has a music program and ate Polish food! Fish is the biggest Christmas Tradition here! And anything with poppy seed! Haha! It was an interesting meal! I am not a huge fan of alot of the food, but I eat it! After, we took food to Kristina who couldn't come because her family is in town after the death of her mother. We surprised her and she was so happy! She gave us huge hugs and I was so happy! I love her!
This week my family and my girlfriend and a bunch of other people that I love went to Disneyland to have a dance performance! Way to go to all of you back home! I hope you all had an amazing vacation, I have been praying for you! I am sad, cant lie, that I couldn't be there this week with all the people I care about so dearly. But the sacrifice is worth the end rewards! I'll keep teaching the gospel, you keep being the very best that you can be each day! I am taking this experience one step at a time. It is going great! I am excited to continue to grow in the teachings of the gospel, develop my faith, find greater happiness and help other people find what they have been looking for their entire lives. They just didnt know where to find it until now. 😊 I am grateful for everyone back home who strengthens me each week! I love you. I'm coming up on being 1/4th of the way done. That means I only get to do this 3 more times over! 😂 Haha but who's counting? I am learning to love and appreciate each day here until I get to go home and start my very own life! Focusing on the end result and the blessings helps me push through adversity! I love you all! This week is our zone Christmas party! Can’t wait!


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