December 9, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 18: Zone conference, hip hop and gearing up for Christmas!

I want to help you all to recognize the sort of blessings that come from serving in Poland.

Poland is a very very very unique country with a diverse and devastating history. Her people have experienced trials that are not easily forgotten or forgiven. I know in my heart that we have a loving Heavenly Father who has a very special place for the Polish people in His heart. I love the diversity of the people here. The past days of this country have been dark but because of them, I have found some of the most genuine people.

In a missionary perspective, Poland is new to the teachings of the Restoration. This week we heard that around 350 people attend our church regularly in Poland. That's out of 40 million people who live in the country. Haha compare that to my home in Salt Lake City! You need to know that nothing short of miracles occur in this country daily. At times I feel as if I am one of the earliest Saints in the restored gospel, teaching those who have never heard of things like revelation, or the Book of Mormon, or a living prophet. It is an incredible opportunity to be here. This mission is different than any other in the world. Yet we all carry the very same and sacred message to all those around the world who are still suffering from their own personal apostasy. I look at the sacred promises that I received in my patriarchal blessings. I see that there is no other place the Lord would have me serve than here. With all that being said, the opportunities here to serve and to teach are very unique!

This week we held our second hip hop class! Nothing short of a miracle... We increased the number of people from last class, and instead of 4 we had 10. We had a great time doing the choreography, and we were worn out by the time we needed to finish which led us into a very special discussion about Gods divine plan for us. We asked if anyone knew what the purpose is for being on earth right now. Nobody really knew how to answer that question. We were able to teach about Gods plan for us. How we are that we might have joy and that Jesus Christ is the means by which we can return to live with God. After class we talked to one of the girls in the class some more about the gospel and the First Vision. She looked at the Book of Mormon I was holding and said, "Can I touch it?" It was a priceless statement!!! To her it was sacred and precious! I planned ahead and wrote in a Book of Mormon my testimony and gave it to her as a gift. She was very emotional and was so happy. She told us that she didnt have words to describe how grateful she was. She said she doesnt usually get this emotional and she didnt know why this was so special to her. We assured her that this feeling was a gift from the Holy Ghost. We talked about the Book of Mormon little more, and the First Vision. She planned on coming to church on Sunday, but due to some other complications she couldn't make it. I hope she will next week! She says she is looking for greater happiness, and I know that this is where she will find happiness that will never end.

We also had the opportunity to go to Marco's house this week to eat dinner with him and his daughter! They are from Italy, so we got to eat some great Italian food and hear them converse in Italian! It was a great meeting! We got to talk about Mosiah 4 and how God helps us overcome trials! I accidentally left my backpack there and we had to go alllll the way back to pick it up! Oops!

We had zone conference in Wrocław this week!! Elder Kopischke from the 70 and from the area presidency in the Europe area taught us so many wonderful things. President Chandler also told me that he spoke with him about the dance class I have been teaching! He loves it!!! He says to keep it up! As President Chandler says, "Hip Hop all the way to Jesus Christ!" So that is pretty special to me to have a member of the 70 on my team for this hip hop class!! That was so cool! We’re the first missionaries to teach hip-hop classes in our missionary efforts!

We have received revelation for the Poland Warsaw Mission this week. In order to help the Church of Jesus Christ grow in Poland, we have each been asked to find 5 families, husband and wife, to teach the Gospel to and to invite to be apart of the church in every branch in Poland. I feel in my heart that this came from Heaven. I know that the Lord will provide a way for us to accomplish His will.

The conference was so filled with the Spirit. It was just amazing! Our next one will be in Warsaw on the 17th! I am very excited, it will be amazing!!

Wrocław was decorated like crazy for Christmas!!! I got to visit the market place a few times and eat some amazing food and drink fantastic hot chocolate! There was alot of barbecue and traditional Polish food. I got a huge slice of bread with sausage and onion and pickles haha! I loved it!

Here in Kielce they are setting up a Jarmark as well! There is also a huge ferris wheel! Super cool!

This week for a service project we gave out hot chocolate to people on the streets!!! We had so much fun! Alot of people were very suspicious because they have never seen people giving out things without expectation for anything in return! One guy was wanted a picture with us and another told us that in all his life he has never seen anybody do that! He was blown away! It was a great service project!

Also! They introduced our dance class at a volunteer gala in Kielce! Super super cool!!!! They showed a video that we made for the class! What a blessing!

So, Santa day was on December 6th and the day after we got to go to Josh's home and have brunch with him and his family!!! Pancakes, bacon, eggs, MS BUTTERSWORTH SYRUP, and Ketchup!! So good!! It was so much fun! We got to hang out and watch the Christ Child together.

Wiesław invited us over for Christmas so I'm very excited about that! We get to be with him and his 11 kids. I miss you all at home alot this time of year... but I know I'll see you all soon. It's funny to me, I made it through every other holiday and special event but when it came to Shelbis birthday, that was the most brutal one!! Luckily, she had a great day!!!

Time is counting down and starting to go faster. After this transfer I'm more that a 4th done with being a missionary. But who's counting right! 😉 I hope you all have an incredible week. Especially those of you who are going to perform in Disneyland from school this week! Good luck Shelbi, and to all the kids who are going to be performing! I love you all so much! Travel safe! I am praying for you all, just have so much fun for me! It is an unforgettable experience! I will talk to you all next week, Merry Christmas ☃️


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