November 12, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 14: Dzień Niepodległości w Polsce Poland Independemce Day

Dzień dobry wszystkim! It was a very busy week for my companion and I. We started the week in Katowice, where we split up on exchanges with our Zone Leaders! I was with Elder Oler! Haha he was so much fun to do missionary work with, he is such a hard worker and is really easy to get along with. We contacted for 7 hours that day! 7 hours street contacting in the rain and in the cold doesn't go by very fast! The Lord really blessed us that day and we exceeded our goals and found 7 new people that we had amazing conversations about the gospel with who were intrested in meeting! It was really cool and I felt the Lord guiding my thoughts and helping me to speak and understand Polish. It was a blessing for me.
This week was Independence Day for Poland! It is a very big holiday and very nostalgic for the Polish.
We were able to meet up with Josh who is an amazing guy from Philadelphia and his awesome family to enjoy part of the holiday together! They streets were packed with people and soldiers and military equipment. It was such a neat thing to see! The military men were all dressed to represent the Polish armies in several different wars and everyone was so respectful! I was so grateful for the opportunity to see that! Afterwards we went to a cafe with Josh and his family and got to know them a little better! Josh has got 2 sons and they are both so much fun to be around! They youngest is named Zak too! (Haha spelt Zach though) anyways it was great.
We also helped Karina move a refrigerator. We went on a scary drive in a carnival van to find where we needed to pick up the fridge but it was all good! (Karinas mom had a Polish traveling circus and that was the van she used to store her acrobat supplies haha)!
This week I was told something that really helped me feel inspired to push forward with the work and to recognize the importance of our message! Wiesław told us that we are the only missionaries he has trusted. He told us that he loves us and that his kids love me a whole lot. Being the oldest of 4 kids, I have always had someone to look out for and love and protect. I feel alot like that around the children I meet here. I am so grateful for them and for their tender hearts!
This week while contacting we found a lady on the streets who stopped to talk with us about the gospel. She had bruises all over her, and I knew in my heart that she was going through a very difficult situation. We talked to her about the comfort that comes through reading the Book of Mormon and the power it can give to an individual to know the truth of all things. She accepted the book and we went our separate ways. By now it was too late but I realized that I forgot to give her our contact information! I was so sad. Fast forward to last night. We were by our apartment contacting and noticed a familiar face at the bus stop. It was her! We made our way over to her and sat with her and talked more about the Book of Mormon (which she had been reading) and this time remembered to give her our contact information. She didnt give us her number, but if the Lord allowed us to see her again the way he did and that's what came of it then I have faith that that is the Lords plan for her. It was a miracle for me.
I love you all back home so very much. I am learning and becoming the man that the Lord needs me to be. This gospel is precious to me. When I see people that turn us away so quickly, I am sad in my heart and it brings me to tears at times because I just want them to experience the joy that comes from this gospel. It is so beautiful and so pure. It gives me purpose in life! It can give you purpose too! If you let it in! If you see the missionaries where you live, please let them in, please let them tell you this message! It will change your life and you will feel it, I promise. Have an amazing week.
Do zobaczenia!!


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