November 4, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 13: All Saints Day

I want to start this email by thanking my Loving Heavenly Father and testifying of his divine grace and plan for us! Last week I was at the lowest of all lows. I knew that I was being worked on, and that I had to make some crucial decisions in order to determine the kind of week I was going to have this time around. I decided to put my faith in Christ and put behind me all of my anxieties and struggles. It was not an easy task, but looking back I can see the blessings that came. It is after the trial of our faith that we receive promised blessings. That is how the Lord works. In the moment it can be almost impossible to look past ourselves and see what is beyond the thick fog of doubt and pain that is in front of us. Luckily for us, the Lord has provided us with tools and what I like to call prescriptions while we are in the deepest trenches of despair and about to give up! Prayer is a huge prescription for me, so is reading the Book of Mormon. I feel peace when I know I'm not alone and have friends and family who are on my side. I feel strength when I am obedient and I feel happiness when I'm thinking of others before myself! Isn't this gospel just a beautiful way to overcome weaknesses and trials and grow to be more like the people God wants us to become? I want to be the man that God wants me to be. My mission President called me this week and gave some some incredible advice. He talked about gold and how when it is first found it is full of bedrock and other impurities. They have to melt the good at EXTREMELY high temperatures to help refine it. When it is done, not only is it clean but the physical shape of the gold is changed as well. Right now I am being melted. I figure that because of these trials, there are going to be some amazing blessing around the corner. I just need to keep going forward with patience!
This week you all celebrated Halloween!! I hope it was so incredible for each of you! AHSJ, you guys had a PHENOMENAL Thriller performance!!! I loved it!
In Poland we celebrated All Saints Day which is really a 2 day holiday, the first to remember the past saints and holy men, and then the second to celebrate family members who have passed away. They light hundreds of thousands of candles at each cemetary, and on each headstone lies flowers and at least 20 lanterns. It was very peaceful and beautiful. Although I missed halloween, I was grateful for this unique experience. Only one more Halloween to go!
This week I traveled to Warsaw because my companion needed to go to an American hospital that could help him with an infection he got in his foot! It was scary, and a very long and entertaining story haha! But everything is okay now!
We also met with Wiesław and his amazing family and he gave us a bible with our names in them! So cool!! He spelt mine "ZACA"! At the end of our meeting, Wiesław asked for a blessing as well as 2 of his children and his wife. It was a very spiritual and special experience for me. Contacting on the streets about Family History was so great this week, people were very interested because of the Holiday! I was so grateful. I'm sorry that this email is a little shorter, but we are currently on a Harry Potter type train heading to Katowice to do exchanges tomorrow! I hope all goes well. I love you all so much and thank you to all of those who sent me messages this week and for the prayers that have been said. I feel them, and I'm so grateful for them. Thank you for being such great examples to me, I am so fortunate. The most important thing to me is family, and God had blessed me with the best. I pray for you and your happiness! I hope you feel the joy that this holiday season has to offer!! Until next week!


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