October 28, 2019




Elder Carl Nielson

Week 12 馃懟馃巸 Happy Halloween!馃巸馃懟 Journey to Zamek Krzy偶top贸r w Uje偶dzie!馃彴

Dearest family and friends,
I am very grateful for the opportunity to message you all today! This week was a bit of a toughie for me, I can't lie. It has been hard adapting to Poland and life as a missionary. I'm on my 15th week as a missionary. It's nice to see time going by fast! I remember entering the MTC last July and it is crazy to think its almost November! I hope everyone has been having an amazing time celebrating Halloween and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Haha in my family we believe that the best time to set up for Christmas is the day after Halloween! Haha I love it! I miss you all, especially around the holidays. But I take comfort in knowing that something special can still happen here in Poland for the holidays, and that after this its just one more round of holidays until I'm back!馃槀
This week the biggest highlight was meeting with Kristina who if you remember lived in America for a very long time and loves the word FREAKIN. She had us over to her apartment and we talked and laughed and got her so excited about the message of the Restoration! She is so funny, I love her! I make sure to tell her that too because she says not enough people say it in Poland! She says that she LOVES to smoke, she can't live without it. My goal is to get her to feel the same about the Gospel so that she'll do whatever it takes to become a part of that! Smoking in Poland is very expensive. Just as it is everywhere else! So she buys tobacco and cigarette rolls for cheap and makes her own! She showed us how she does it and it was really funny actually. Gotta love it! Love and being kind and respectful is how genuine relationships form and that is such an important step!
This week we spent a lot of time contacting on the streets. We are always looking for more creative ways and natural ways to find people so if you have any ideas we would love them.
Today we traveled to a castle named Krzy偶top贸r! It was huge and very beautiful! It was built by an Italian architect so it is very unique. I loved it!
There will be ups and there will be downs in life. Some ups are REALLY up there and some downs are REALLY down there. So much easier said than done, but with faith in Heavenly Fathere plan for us we will achieve greatness and he will create a life for us that we never could have imagined from where we stand right now. Whether that be in a ditch or on a mountain. Right now I'm trying to pull myself up and move forward. I wish I could always be this strong and faithful missionary. But I'm grateful to he human because it helps me recognize the blessings and tender mercies. My motto is, live each day with no regrets! Also easier said than done, but all things are possible through this Gospel. Under no other name given can we overcome all things. Only through Jesus Christ. I love you all. It's been an emotional week but I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store next. Blessings come after the trial of faith. If you need comfort look at the story of Jospeh Smith in Liberty Jail in the Doctrine and Covenants. That story gives me hope.
Have a Spooky, Scary, Fun, and Memorable HALLOWEEN!!!! Stay safe! I can't wait to hear about it! Eat all the candy you can!!!!!!


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