September 27, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Blake Mitchell

Week 8: Off to Poland 🇵🇱

So this week was full of lots of new experiences.😂
The first experience this week happened last Friday in my Online Teaching Visit! (I still cant believe this happened at the MTC) We were assigned to call a member who lives in Poland! She is a great woman, and she has a cute little baby! Our lesson was going great and we were about 15 minutes in, which is halfway, teaching about eternal families and creating unity in her home. My companion and I were feeling like everything was going great! I guess this is normal in Europe, but Daniel starts to get fussy... Well how do you keep a baby content? You feed the baby. See where I'm going with this?! So my companion and I start to see what going on and we duck and cover, so we are heads down teaching our lesson! After about 3 minutes I look up to ask a question, and that's was one of the worst ideas I'd had in a long time... We did the best we could to keep the lesson going but man was it difficult! I was so not accustomed to the culture of Poland!! This lasted for about 5 minutes and finally our teacher caught on and informed her that "that is not the way we do things here in America."😂😂😂 That was probably the craziest thing to happen to my companion and I in the MTC. It's ok though haha! We were just amazed that we had that experience even before we got to Europe!! Anyways we also got our travel plans last Friday! We leave here Monday at 9:00 am and hop on a fight to Amsterdam then to Warsaw, Poland! The funny thing is that I get to drive right by my house on the front runner, so we will see how that ends up going lol!
We never got the chance at the MTC to host new missionaries! That's probably the only thing we didn't do in the last 9 weeks here. Besides that I think I've had the full MTC experience!
Staying in the dorms hasn't been bad! The only downer is that the microwaves are always broken so we couldn't ever cook anything. I still have like 8 popcorn packets from week 1! That stings a little!
Last week we said goodbye to the Swedish missionaries, and I was talking to my friend Elder Vrongell from Finland and asked him what his goal was for Sweden. He told me, my goal is to baptize 200 people. I was like wow, I cant wait for you to tell me how thay goes! He responded, "You won't have too, you will hear about it in General Conference!" Haha! That was awesome, that's the kind of confidence we all need!
Yesterday was awesome! We had a lesson from Sio. Theriault and it has been so sad because she's been very sick the last 3 weeks. Well she ended up cutting off our lesson because she was feeling so sick and needed to go get help! We felt so bad and she was very emotional. We all teamed up and bought her some yogurt, string cheese, protein bars and a small veggie tray! Just something to let her know how grateful we are for all she does for us! We truly are blessed with what I would call the best teachers in the MTC. They never skip a beat and are so in tune with the Spirit. I will miss them but am so excited to see them again! Sio. Theriault is visiting Poland this winter I think, so maybe I'll be able to see her there! They really have done so much for us, I am so grateful for them. Once we enter the field, I think she will have trained and taught Polish to every missionary in Poland! That's a big and awesome commitment!
Last night we had a great lesson from Sio. Call who is originally from Poland! I love her! She is such an incredible person! Anyways I was telling her about how I wanted to give away a Book of Mormon at the airport and was expressing how hard it would be to teach the gospel in english.. So being me, I start talking in a super southern Polish accent and had her and everyone in the class dying! Pretty great!
Last night new missionaries came into the MTC, and since it was the last batch we were getting, I decided to mess with them a little. I am proud of all of my many voices.. but this one I made up yesterday was absolutely gold haha! I went and met like 18 missionaries and introduced myself as Fritz Benson from Finland. They bought it so hard! They were all saying, "hey keep up the good work your English sounds great!" Haha dont worry I told them later that i was just messing around with them! Had to have some fun before we leave on Monday!
This week we sang Hurrah for Israel for the Grobergs! They are the ones who they made the Other Side of Heaven movies off of!! So special!! We also heard from Elder Kearon from the 70 and honestly it was my favorite devotional that I've heard at the MTC. He has the coolest British accent, and spoke of how we can BECOME the message we are teaching! We need to be filled with joy and excitement and happiness and that will radiate! He did that in his talk and I was drawn to him. That's how I want to be as a missionary.
Today all in itself has been amazing. We have been packing and are currently working on a puzzle! Although, we are taking a break because we are just a little frustrated with it haha! My mom is in Disneyland today so it's been fun face timing her while she goes on rides and things!
Also I feel impressed to bring to attention that today is the 1 year anniversary of D'Laynes passing into immortality. What a beautiful angel she must be! I am so excited for the day I can see her and tell her of how her spirit and her story is one of the main reasons that I served a mission. She's an inspiration to me that I can do hard things.
At the end of this MTC adventure, I am so grateful for all of the incredible experiences the Lord has provided me with. I know that this is His church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. No greater confirmation of truth can come than the confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true. All you have to do is read. Ponder with an open heart. Ponder prayerfully. Read the book. I swear to you that you will know that it is true if you are diligent and are seeking truth and knowledge, focusing on the feelings you recieve. Please try it of you haven't. If you have, please never give up. It is our responsibility to endure to the end. There is a reason we call it ENDURING to the end. It is not supposed to be easy. Its like having growing pains... In the moment they hurt and we want them to go away... but without them I would still be 3 feet tall... I would never get married! Haha! When we look back we are grateful for our growing pains. Stay happy, especially as this cold front comes in and winter lurks right around the corner. Dont let the weather or the color of the sky impact the way you want to live. Prove to yourself that you are stronger than your weaknesses. Turn them to strengths with the help of Jesus Christ. I love Jesus Christ more than anyone! He is central to my purpose as a missionary and he is central to each of your lives! 2 years is the least I could give back for everything he has done for me. 22 months to go! I love you all and will talk to you in Poland! I am so excited to see where I am assigned and to which companion! Pray for me!! Here we goooooo!!!!!!!!


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