September 5, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Blake Mitchell

MTC Week 5: We have the Force... May the force be with you, always. #Jedipower

Dzien Dobry Rodzina! We are into week 6, can you believe it?! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it! Our senior couple missionaries made it safely to Poland this week! It has been so great seeing pictures of them there! We are all so excited.

This week has been great! We have worked harder than we have ever worked. It is paying off, especially when it comes to Polish. I am in love with the language. It presents its difficulties, but I know that Heavenly Father is helping us to feel confident, excited and comforted. I know that I personally have made a BILLION mistakes! Haha I guess that's just how we grow! Some days it's a little frustrating but I think that it should be at times. Uczymy się Polskiego bardzo szybko, ale, jest bo Dar Języków I Duch Święty.

Sunday. Sunday was a difficult day, but a day where I felt all of my prayers were answered. Saturday night I learned of a family friend who passed away in her sleep. Tough news hearing about that and not being home to comfort those you care about. But I have learned that prayer and fasting and serving a mission is doing more good than my being at home. As hard as that is sometimes! The Lord has made a promise to watch over our loved ones when we diligently serve him. Anyways, Sunday was emotional, I was having a hard time thinking about my grandpa, and D'Layne and just how hard it is to lose a loved one like that, so early in life. I had a question. Why do people have to keep dying Heavenly Father? What is the purpose? I was amazed when my prayer was answered that next morning when we had a district council meeting and the topic was on Faith through Trials... are you hearing this stuff?! You cant tell me Heavenly Father wasn't aware and willing to answer my questions. Haha the missionaries sharing the message even said, "we feel inspired to share this message today." I was able to thank them and also express how I was feeling at that time. It was very emotional for me, expressing what I was feeling at the time. My Branch President was in there at the time and pulled me into his office after the meeting. Now here I am thinking, ok he's gonna read me something say something to help me feel better, but boy was a wrong. The very first words out of his mouth, "We feel inspired to extend the calling of District Leader to you, would you accept this calling Elder Benson?"... (Talk about a million emotions at once right?!) I accepted, and I have been having an incredible week as the District leader. I am being taught how to lead out and pray for others more. Such a great experience and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. We had a great testimony meeting as well, I was able to share my testimony with our zone about the power of prayer and the crucial role of missionary work.

Here's a fun thought! This week we have been relating the Gospel to Star Wars a bunch! We all love that series so why not relate it to our situation? We are like the Jedi, travelling the world and changing our way of life to be in line with the force (the gospel) to promote peace. We think of the Old Republic of the Jedi to be the Old Testament times, the era of Anakin Skywalker to be the time of the New Testament and Book of Mormom like when all the Jedi were killed, the apostasy occured on earth. Then comes Luke Skywalker, (or Joseph Smith) who is chosen to restore the Jedi order and overthrow wickedness (the Empire) across the galaxy. A very brutal, but worth while experience. Jospeh Smith was very strong with the priesthood, (just like Luke with the force). Modern time, we follow after the teachings of the prophets and go forth with the strength of the priesthood and the Lord to continue the Restoration... think about that the next time you decide to watch Star Wars! Haha I wish I could after that!

Poland. We learn more and more from Siostra Theriault each day. One of the craziest things we have learned is that in Poland, they keep you in the same city or area for around 6-8 months! They believe that it is the best way to get to know and understand the culture of the area you are serving in! We have also heard about Christmas and New Years just being absolutely beautiful and super loud! I cant wait!

Wednesday. Yesterday was so great! We taught our 4th and last in person TRC's. They were the best ones yet, the spirit was so strong and we had a really fun time with the returned missionaries. From now on we are going to be calling members in Poland and having gospel discussions with them online! I'm excited to try it out! Haha one of the returned missionaries we were teaching snapped some pics of us to show to our moms! So fun!

Those are just a few highlights from this week! You might have to write me to get some more! :)

How is everyone back home?! I truly am so grateful for your prayers and thoughtful comments to help me throughout the week. I couldn't do this alone. Luckily I've got you! Thank you for so so much love and support.

"The greatest tragedies in life are when we give up what we want most for what we want now." - Sister Ulrich, Sunday night devotional. (a very wise and experienced Jedi master...;)

I feel like before my mission I was in the church but not invested in it the way I should have been. I looked at the gospel as a unique sideshow to bring me happiness, instead of my main source of inspiration. Now that I live it every minute of the day as a missionary, I recognize its central part in my life. Nothing can distract me from what is truly important. My mission first off, but after that I believe that interests such as sports, videogames, movies or money should never be of greater importance than being spiritually awake and aware. The most important calling after this mission is to become a husband and a father and to do it the right way, by caring and loving for my wife and children first and foremost. Russell M. Nelson addresses this issue in the April session of general conference by telling priesthood holders that "No other interest in life should take priority over building an eternal relationship with her. Nothing on TV, a mobile device, or a computer is more important than her well-being. Take an inventory of how you spend your time and where you devote your energy. That will tell you where your heart is. Pray to have your heart attuned to your wife’s heart. Seek to bring her joy. Seek her counsel, and listen. Her input will improve your output.
If you have a need to repent because of the way you have treated the women closest to you, begin now. And remember that it is your responsibility to help the women in your life receive the blessings that derive from living the Lord’s law of chastity. Never be the reason that a woman is unable to receive her temple blessings."

By the way, tomorrow we get to celebrate his birthday!! I think we are watching a devotion from Temple Square! So exciting!!

The BYU and U game was so close to the MTC, so we got to see all of the fireworks and see the jets fly over the game! It was a nice break to hear and see something from the real world for a second haha!

One last thought! This week I recognized the importance of explaining the Plan of Salvation in very simple terms to people who may have never heard of things like this. So when Sister Dunn, or any of your seminary teachers draw the Plan of Salvation out for you, you make sure to write it down and remember it! Remember how important it is to understand the gospel and understand revelation before you go out to teach it.

I love you all, I love this mission, I love the Lord. Keep me updated and please, please let me know how I can best serve you this week. I am always praying for you. Stay strong and find ways to be a little better each day. Repentance is a daily process. ESPECIALLY FOR MISSIONARIES. Have a great week and stay happy no matter what is thrown at you. When we stay away from complaining and murmuring, the spirit can touch our hearts faster and stronger. Until next week. I love you!


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