August 8, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Blake Mitchell

Week 1: Surviving the MTC

Cześć! Jak Się Macie?! (Hello! How are you all?!)
I love you all so very much... I want to start this email by testifying of something that I know to be true. The Lord answers prayers and He is very aware of each and every one of his children. The transition into living a missionary life is probably the most difficult thing I have experienced. If it isn't the homesickness that kills ya, you can be sure it will be the language! Haha! The Lord has been very aware of my circumstances and has really helped humble me this week. I think that the reason missionaries are allowed to feel homesick and discouraged at times is to teach us all a valuable lesson that we cannot do hard things on our own and that we must rely on our Heavenly Father to make our burdens become light. Each of my prayers this week have been answered. Not always in the way I desired or when I wanted them but in the Lords time which ALWAYS is the right time. Elder Bednar shared with us this week in an old MTC broadcast that we all are learning to put away our Cookie Monsters (The natural man that lacks patience and longsuffering) and turn outwards towards others. This will help us exercise Christlike attributes! I have so much to learn, and I will continue to do my best so that the Lord may bless my efforts.

Ok this is so cool... So my district includes 4 Starszi (Elders) and one Siostra! My Kolega (Companion) Starszy Mitchell is from Clinton, Utah! I love him very much and enjoy learning about him. I call him Matka Mitchell (Mother Mitchell) because he is always on top of our schedule and helps me decide what ties match my pants. Haha he's great. We say that was are two variations of the same person because we are so similar to one another. We both love soccer and basketball, we both did landscaping, we love dogs and so many more things! Starszy Kellmer is also from South Jordan Utah and he goes to a smaller school called AI. For all my friends back at home that went to AHSJ, he literally has a picture in his scrapbook with Mr. Warren. Haha small world! He is a funny guy and we get along well. He's also really easy to scare so I hide in his closet alot and freak him out whenever he goes to change his clothes. Out of everyone in the MTC we are the only Polish misjonarzi. (Missionaries) 5 out of like 2000+. Our zone is made up of missionaries leaving to Norway, Mongolia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, POLAND! Total there are like 70 of us but after this week there will only be 36. The Norwegians all got reassigned due to Visa issues and are being sent to Vegas. They leave in a few weeks. I came into the MTC with the largest group of missionaries recorded this year. 720. Big number, it really shows how much work there still is to do. My favorite part of the MTC experience so far is choir and Sunday night and Tuesday night devotions from church authorities. I hope to hear from an apostle or maybe even the prophet sometime soon. I am here for another 7.5 weeks. 9 total. We can't find out if we leave September 30th or October 1st yet. I guess we will see!

On Tuesday night I was feeling very homesick. I do most days but I'm learning to cope. I asked my Branch president, President Edward's for a blessing. He was so kind and loving and interested in me. He gave a beautiful blessing that I later wrote down and went forget. Don't ever be afraid to admit your weaknesses and ask others for help. It's all a part of becoming humble servants of Christ. Take advantage of the higher power given to priesthood holders. It can change your life if you let it.

When I first got here, I was shocked at how kind everyone was to me! The Swedes came up and gave us a ton of candy. Turns out they love Poles because we rarely come in and their last zone leader was going to Poland and he was a hoot and a half I guess! Haha!

The choir is so amazing here. I love being apart of it with my district. The spirit is always very strong!

MTC volleyball is so fun! Funny story, yesterday we were playing and one of the sisters set me really good so I spiked it as hard as i could! (Probably not the best idea right?) And i nailed one of my companions in the face! Luckily he didn't get hurt haha!

So I haven't quite found a way to get this email thing to work, so I'm going to have my awesome parents send this to everyone! Email:
My Mailbox number is 167!
Feel free to send emails and packages any time! I can look at messages and mail all week! I love the Lord and I love you all so very much. Thank you for helping me to never feel alone. Your support means everything! Cześć! Cię Kocham!


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