April 8, 2019


Vila Imperio


Elder Periera

Christ is coming

What an opportunity we all had this weekend!
Christ lives and this is HIS church. 
I hope you all loved conference as much as i did. I thought the topic was pretty clear this conference. Repentance is not a bad thing. We all need to repent. Every day we do things wrong and the only way we can make things better is by repenting whether that thing is big or small it doesn't matter. WE ARE LIVING IN THE RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! We are living in the last days that have been talked about for decades and every single one of us has been saved to live at this time! how crazy is that! how lucky are we! Literally the world is crazy but we really are so lucky to know the truths that we know!
What an amazing plan our father has made for us. How lucky are we to be able to become better and learn everyday. And most important follow christ. we all need to be prepared for his coming.
 Last week me and pereira were sitting on this bench and this kid came up to us and was like why didn't you come to my house? me and pereira looked at each other like what? so we got his address again and then we went and visited him that saturday and he ended up coming to church with us that sunday! He loved it and his baptism date is this weekend! it is crazy how you can see gods hand in his work. we literally had spent the whole day trying to find a good part of our area to work and we were beat. this area is huge and there are so many HILLS. so we sit to take a break and BOOM out of no where this kid shows up! his name is Antonio and he is 17 years old! he is a super sweet kid! his uncle is a pastor of another big church here but he told us he never liked going to church with him haha. we also are working with 5 different families! the work is going great we just need the families to go to church now!
I really feel so lucky to be able to serve here in brazil! i am loving this ward and the other 2 missionaries living with us too are great! elder faed and duarte! elder duarte is leaving to his mission here in 2 weeks in orlando Florida so we have been practicing english lol! its great! we also had a little churrasco today so that was pretty great too! we grilled chicken heart! haha
one more week left with elder Pereira! i'm loving the time i have with this kid! he is a stud!

Love Elder Bingham


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