March 25, 2019


Vila Imperio


Elder Periera

what happened to March?

What a week. time is literally flying by its crazy. life is busy as can be. like wow. But i am loving it.
So me and elder periera. what a stud. i am loving working with him and i am learning a ton. He’s a great guy and has had a crazy life up to this point haha. lots of crazy storys. But he really is a good example to me. he only has 4 weeks left in the mission but i have never worked harder in my mission! its great!
this sunday all of the people we have been teaching, didn’t make it to church. not one of them. this is the BIGGEST area i have ever worked in and there are SO many hills. it’s great though. so we showed up to church sunday without anybody and we sat in front of the church inviting everybody to come that would pass by but not one of them wanted to. so we walk into sacrament with nobody. after sacrament a member came up to us with her friend. her name is isabella and WOW she is great. she is 23 and has a 2 year old daughter! we talked to her for a little bit after church and set up an appiontment for tuesday! 
during the week we also found this kid named lucas. he has been to church like 4 times and had a baptism date and everything and then he went on vacation and when he got home the missionaries never went back. So we are going to try and teach him but the problem is that he works a ton so its hard to find some time to teach him.
we also are teaching this family. richardo, carlos and the mom is jeisane. they are great! yesterday we finally got to teach them! carlos was one of our contacts during the week and we passed by a bunch and nobody was home. but we passed by yesterday and they were all home! 
Well conference is coming up! i can’t believe it! i honestly am so excited! there is definitely going to be some big changes but the interesting part is that the gospel isn’t being changed.Its just the way it is administered. 
I love you all and have a great WEEK!
Elder Bingham


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