March 4, 2019




Elder Lopez


Well i don't have too much to say about this week. Not too much happened. I did get the opportunity to confirm jose this sunday so that was pretty cool but besides that nothing too crazy!
We started teaching a guy named guilherme. this man is way cool, he has been in a rehab center the last year of his life. we have a member in our ward who works there and it just happens that she just went through a divorce. So she has been helping him and actually been teaching him a little bit about the gospel. Me and Bledsoe got to meet him a couple weeks ago and taught him about the restoration and joseph smith and the book of mormon and he loved it all. He moved from the clinic this past week and now is living in our area! He really wants to get baptised he told us! So we set up a couple of appointments with him this week to get him all ready but he told us he really cannot wait to get baptised! how crazy right?
We are also teaching this other family. Greecy, juiliana, and Fernando, last week they all came to church but this week it was just greecy, the mom. Juiliana was sick and fernando had to work. We had a really cool experince teaching them about the plan of salvation this past week! they were really REALLY interested and they really loved it. we talked about the different kingdoms and explain about baptism and stuff and they were like wait our baptism didn't count then? i need to be baptised again! and we were like YES, WHAT! so they all have dates for this sunday too! 
Claudio and his family are starting to disappear. it's really sad actually, i hope we can find them again this week. There's also some others that aren't progressing, it's one of the hardest things to do is to stop visiting a family. you create a relationship with them and everything and then after all of that, you stop. really sad but it happens.
Yup well this is the last week of the transfer. I am actually really interested to see what happens this next sunday. i literally have no idea. i could see myself staying here one more transfer or leaving but i think lopez will probably stay here no matter what haha. Weird to think about!
oh and carnival. so ya this week we have had to go home at 8:00 because of it but it hasn't even been that crazy. i heard that São Paulos carnival is pretty weak besides in the middle of the city so thats probably why but ya nothing too crazy happened this week.
Well i hope you all had a great week and i can't wait to let you all know what happens with transfers! 
 Elder Bingham


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