February 25, 2019




Elder Lopez


What a week.
Apostles.Baptisms.and mircles. I honestly couldn't be more happy about this week. I had a couple opportunities to take a step back and look at this past year and couple months that i have been here in brazil and realize how many mircles have happened. Being a missionary truly is a blessing. I dont know how i got so lucky to serve here in brazil. 
First off lets talk a little about about elder uchtdorf. It was great. We all got a picture with him and we all got to shake his hand and WOW was it an experience i'll never forget. 
His talk was so great but so simple at the same time but so powerful too. He talked alot about how we are teaching people how to become disciples of christ. It was a super interesting concept. We're not just teaching them to get them to come to our church or follow the church. We are teaching them about our savior, what he did for us, what he taught, and how we can follow those teachings and his example to one day live with our big brother and dad in heaven with the rest of our family! How great is that! how amazing and how simple. I love the plan that god made for every single one of us because it gives me purpose, it gives us purpose to become better everday. He also talked alot about love. Loving your investigators and making sure that the ward loves them too because that's what christ would do. He loves us and he would show us that love if he was here. how: by serving. serving is the biggest and best way we can show our love for somebody and thats what the savior did. he taught and served. he would look in the eyes of the people and he would know exactly what they were needing. He saw the big picture. the purpose of our existence and he left us this example to follow and to also use his grace, the sacrifice that he made for every one of us. The atonement is the biggest present that anybody could ever give to us. And all we have to do to receive it is follow his example. and the last thing he said is that the people who are ready will come but what you need to do is just invite the people to come to the church of jesus christ and THEY will come. powerful stuff.
One example that he gave that i liked alot was about the sun. something so simple as the sun. but look at it this way, Everyday we can count on the sun, no matter what kind of day we had before, what kind of mistakes we made or how sad you might have been. you don't have to wait longer than 24 to start over again. this is everyday, he has this routine, we need to have routines that will help us get ready for the day too!  

Elder Kearon was also there from the 70 and it was funny, we all got burned for not doing exercises. haha so what did me and lopez do? the rest of the week we went and ran and did stuff at the church everyday and boy is my body feeling it. man i'm out of shape! haha. He also talked alot about how these 2 years are our time to change and become better. I think the best part of his talk is that he would speak in big complicated words in english and the translator guy would have to sit there and think how to translate it haha but it was really cool to see and understand both sides haha. 
But yes lets talk about jose! WAHOOO! He was baptised this sunday and man was everybody happy. I found out some crazy stuff this week about jose, i found out that elder rosa, when he was trained in caraguata, he taught jose. and then after elder scott was trained in caraguata and he taught jose, and now i'm here in caraguata training and we taught jose. I honestly know that the lord has a time and place for everything. one of the coolest things ever was watching leandro, his son, baptise him. it was really something special. and then after he bore his testimony about how in the mission he would pray for his family everyday. everyday he would pray for his dad. and now he has been home for 3 months and it finally happened. I know that me and elder lopez happened to be in the right place at the right time to watch and take part of this miricle. god is good. he listens to our prayers and overall, he loves us.
I love you all and i hope you guys can all take a minute this week and reflect a lilltle bit on life and what kind of miricles have happened in your lives lately. I love you all and i hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!
Elder Bingham


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