February 20, 2019




Elder Lopez



GUYS! THIS MIGHT BE MY LAST EMAIL. hahaha i have no idea but WHAT are you guys pumped or what because i am!! We have a conference this week that is with elder Uctdorf and that is going to be on wednesday and i couldn't be more excited! I honestly have no idea what is going to happen with our mission but i'm excited to find out! this is such a big change and i honestly think it will be great to be able to talk to you guys every week! but i guess we will just see what happens!

Well this week was a tough one not gonna lie BUT we stilll had some miracles. So the first miracle this week was jose. GUYS i cannot tell you how long i have been working with this man. The first time i met him is when i met luan in my first transfer here in caraguata. when we were there we were teaching jose too but he has had alot of problems with smoking and he just didn't want to stop. So some time passes and his son comes home from the mission and a couple sundays ago he decided he wants to come to church. you dont know how many times me and my comp had invited him to come to church and he wouldn't come with us. but then one day... all by himself he decided to go. so he shows up there at church and we talked to him and told him we were going to go visit him that week. and this was about a month ago. and this whole time we have been making goals and helping him stop to smoke. he was smoking almost 2 packs a day. thats 40 cigarettes guys and this week i am happy to tell you that he is down to 0. he's 3 days clean today and wow am i proud of him. He has his baptism marked for this saturday and everybody in the ward is super happy. We went and visited him saturday night with a member that was baptised with 39 years and he served a month and a half mission after because of the love he has for the missionaries and his name is also jose. he used to be a drunk and used to smoke a ton too. but the missionaries found him, he was baptised and has not drank or smoked since that day. him and his family are sealed in the temple and his son just got home from a mission. such a great family. But he came and taught with us saturday night and wow was the spirit strong! he bore his testimony about the truthfullness of this gospel and after he did that we grabed joses 2 cigarettes he had left and he threw them in the trash and said he was ready to stop. He told us he has had a ton of missionaries pass by but that this time is differet. I am so happy for this man and for his family!

We also started teaching this girl named juiliana and her younger brother fernando and then their mom too greecy but she is jewish. she dosent reallly believe what we teach but she thinks its good for her kids and she told them they need to go back to church haha. juliana is 23 and fernando is 18! They came to church this week and liked it A ton! i'm excited to work with them some more this week!

claudio and claudia don't have time and its really sad because i really love that family but they literally told us that their life is crazy right now so we will go back there in a week i think haha. and elvis and kelly and their family just disappeard this week. really sad but hopefully we can find them again. But we found some other really good people this week! Fabiana, edmillson, michelle, alexandra is a new family we started teaching this week and then we also started teaching this girl named maysa and she is SUPER interested but she only stays home 1 week and the other weekend she goes to her dads house. she is 15 years old!

This week was a good one but there were some hard days. it decided that it wanted to rain this week so that was fun. we definetley took a couple showers in the streets. But overall i feel blessed to be where i am with my comp elder lopez. he's a good dude and we actually get along really well. He has all sisters and we were talking one night this week and he told me i'm his brother. it's crazy how close you can get with someone in such a little time. and crazier yet, a kid from utah and a kid from peru are here in brazil together teaching the gospel of jesus christ. speaking Portuguese. how cool is that. i know this church is true and i know that christ lives. he is who is guiding this church. i'm so grateful to be his representative here in brazil.

i love you guys and can't wait to SEE and TALK to you all next week! WAHOOOO!

Love Elder Bingham


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