February 11, 2019




Elder Lopez


what a week.
WELL lets just start this letter off with some lovely news... We invited 15 different people, 3 families to church on sunday and some others and they all said they would go. like not just like ya we'll see but YES we will go. and do you know how many were awake and ready to go? 1! This little girl named carla. she's jezians cousin and she likes to come to church but isn't too interested to be baptised BUT she said she will be home this week because the last couple weeks she has been with her dad in diadema. but now she's back so we will see how that goes.
 BUT we did find a really good new family. Elvis,and kelly are the parents and they have 3 kids, nata, evenlyn, and ellen. The guy always is doing repairs with the churches here in sao paulo and a member passed us the reference and WOW they are neighbors with claudio and claudia! Pretty funny! but they are great! we got to their house and they already had a book of mormon sitting on the table! It was crazy! they are some super humble people but i'm really excited to start to work with them more this week. 
claudio is remodeling his house. actually he's adding on to it but its like remodeling because it was like their porch. i don't know how to explain it but ya their house is gonna be bigger now. So on the weekends he has been super busy with that. Yes we offered him some help but he said that him and his buddy are just going to do it. so literally this is why he's not coming to church. we still teach him during the week and he really really likes what we teach... his wife has some doubts so thats always fun teaching her lol but i love that family too. LITERALLY have never worked with teaching families like this and it is so FUN! i absolutly love it! i think we just gotta let him finish his project and then we will be good to go. 
BUT besides these families we don't have many people. so today we are  going to a part of our area we never work in and we are just gonna find new people teach.Oh but why today... because tomorrow we are going to the TEMPLE!! Wahooooo! i literally am so pumped for tomorrow! the new visitors center is open and we get to take a tour! its gonna be great! but ya today we just write you guys, eat some lunch, and we're going to go work! weird working on a monday but it's all good.
well this is the 3rd week of the transfer. i will officially have 1 year and 2 months this week.  I'm excited to accomplish my goals that i have made here in the mission. i am excited for life.  i am excited to serve these next 9 months with all my heart, might mind and strength because i know i will never have another oppurtunity like this while i am here on this earth. Being a missionary is great. there's nothing like it. You have this mantel that is hard to describe. I love being here in brazil representing our savior jesus christ. he really is the one that made everything possible.
I love you all and i hope you have one FANTASTIC week!!
love Elder Bingo
Alma 34:32


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