February 4, 2019




Elder Lopez

One more week in Paradise

 Hello y'all!
What a WEEK!  I honestly feel so tired and I don't know why but WOW this week has been HOT as can be! It is WAY hotter than it was last year! this week we had leader conference and me and bledsoe did another split. Pretty fun week! me and bledsoe bought 4 liters of coke and 2 pizzas for the night. and i ask myself why i am fat? lol. But its literally so yummy. WHOS gonna be my personal trainer when i get home?  But oh ya, on Saturday i almost got kissed in the favela. we were walking through and they were having all of their parties like usual. and this lady who was super drunk ran up to me and started yelling at me "FALA  ALEMHON" or "SPEAK GERMAN" and i literally just stayed quiet and didn't say a word. and then she wouldn't let me pass her and she get super close to me and i could smell the beer in her breath and then i like pulled a spin move on her and we got out of there as quick as we could! pretty fun right! 

So let's talk about some people. Claudio and claudia and the fam didn't come to church this week. BUT i talked to some of the members and they are going to take them to the new visitors center that they have here in Sao Paulo at the temple which will be AWESOME! that will literally help so much. But they are still progressing on stopping drinking coffee so that's good.
We also started teaching another family this week. Their names are telma,hernandez, and matteus!! the mom and dad need to get married but matteus wants to get baptised really bad. he is 15 years old but he has some problems with smoking, it's crazy how young they start here. but he really wants to change his life around and he's a really cool dude. telma REALLY wants to get married but her boyfriend isn't too interested but we will keep working with them and see what happens. Matteus and telma went to church this week! they really loved it!
We have also been working with this one family. the son just got home from a mission and the mom and sister are members but the dad and brother still aren't. The brother really doesn't want anything to do with the church but the dad, Jose, He wants to change. he has had an addiction with smoking for a really long time now. he's one of the best guys i have ever met and i love the dude so much but this smoking thing is pretty hard for him but his son who served a mission got home about a month ago and is really trying to help him out. what a guy! he came to church this week too!
We also have this guy named guilherme. He is a friend of one of the members. she has been helping him and teaching him and we finally got to meet him on saturday and we taught him about the restoration and WOW what a lesson. This guy is in this clinic pretty far from our area. he was addicted to drugs and drinking and has completely stopped and his friend has been talking and teaching a little bit about what we believe and the thing he wants most is to be baptised. But the problem is we have to wait until he moves to our area here in a month to make that happen. but we're going to keep doing these one week visits with him and his friend until he moves here! super excited for him!
We also have some other families, let's just say this week was a good one! we found a bunch of new people to teach and work with! Im SUPER excited for this transfer with Elder Lopez! Honestly we are seeing miracles happen. 
 its kind of funny, school starts tomorrow for some schools here in brazil. but then in march they get 3 weeks off for carnival. how fun right!  Oh and do you guys remember the story that i told you about finding the reference last week? the little dude wagner is getting baptised this week WAHOO!
Elder Bingham
Read Enos for me this week :)


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