January 28, 2019




Elder Lopez


Hello Fam!!
What a week. What a transfer. What a life. haha. So yes transfers happened and I will be staying here with my buddy Elder Lopez! We were the only companionship that stayed together in the zone!  But Bledsoe stayed and one other elder but besides that... everybody went to different zones. pretty crazy but it should be fun to meet new people!! WAHOO! i am super excited! We have some really good people here in our area that we are working with and i'm super pumped that i get to stay here at least another 6 weeks but i know it will go by fast.
BUT yes this week was Marias baptism and oh my gosh she is so cute! This lady is awesome. she lives at the very end of the favela and is always just outside visiting with people and helping others. Its funny because a long time ago we tried to teach her grandchildren but they wanted nothing to do with us... so when we were asking her if they were home one day we just started teaching her because she was always home. And the most crazy part is that a long time ago she already met the missionarys!! Crazy how time works but yes Sunday was great!  we taught her about everything and she believed it. she knew it was true. we then told her she needed to stop drinking coffee and she's like okay and just stopped. WHAT A MIRACLE! she really is so awesome and i love that cute old lady haha.
Claudio came to church with us too, they are a family we are working with. They are great! The only problem is that they really like the other church they go to but its been like 5 years since the last time they went. The Adventist? i forget how it is in english but maybe its the same. it was Joseph Smith's secretary who started this other church. Ellen white, so its kind of funny because a lot of the stuff they believe in and do is pretty similar to us. super weird. But we are trying to get them to visit the new Visitors Center that they have here in Sao Paulo! I can't wait to go to the temple and see it here in a couple weeks! All of the members are talking about how great it is. We literally have taught this family everything already, even about being sealed in the temple so honestly it would be awesome for them to visit.
So besides them this week we got a referral and usually referrals here are just hard to find and usually don't work out too good but saturday afternoon we went and tried to find these guys. so we were walking in the favela, we have numbers for all of the houses where we live, well ya so they have those here but they just put up whatever number they want so theres like 10 houses with the number 231 and then another 5 with 37 and then another 3 with 963 and like it just doesn't  make sense. this is another reason why google maps wouldn't even help where i am lol. But anyways we are walking down the favela looking for 134 and we pass 138 and 130 but we couldn't find 134. so we went down to the end of the street and we decided to turn back around to try one more time. and when we passed by 138 i just got this feeling that it was there. so we go into this viela which is like this little pathway they have in the favela to get around and this viela is pitch black so we keep walking. the referral said it was the 3 house, so we get to the third house and the lights were on and the door was open and this lady was sitting there so i asked if Lohani lived there and she didn't understand me and said what? i don't think she lives here. THEN Lohani the referral and the girl we were looking for was sitting there on the couch on the other side of the room! So we went in and we taught them about the restoration and MAN it was great. it was super spirtual and they loved it. they believed in everything we taught. Then at the end of the lesson the little brother comes walking in and he gets all excited. then he tells us he's friends with one of the members here and he has already been to our church and that he has always wanted the elders to come visit him but he didn't know how! me and my comp just sat there in shock. this little dude is 10 years old. They went to the beach this weekend but next week they said they are coming to church! super excited to work with them. 
i love our savior. i love our god. and i love being his representative. the mission is great. i honestly i am so happy here doing what i am doing. i know i'm doing the lords work and there is nothing better than that. i know this is his work and i know there isn't a better place for me to be in my life right now. D&C 15. I know this gospel, his gospel is true. we have a father that wants the best for us and that he is a god, he knows everything but most importantly he loves us no matter what.

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