January 23, 2019




Elder Lopez

400 DAYS

 This week for me has been great! We have had a ton of progress with all of our investigators and I honestly can't wait for next week! We have 4  people who are ready to be baptised so lets see what happens! First let me tell you about Maria... she is great! She is 64 years old but literally is so cute! She had a dog bite her foot about 6 months ago and it still hasn't gotten better! So this week we had to ask a member to give her a ride but she woke up and was ready to go and she loved it! We told her coffe was bad and she toatly agreed with us and stopped drinking it lol. She is loving the church and she has a date for this sunday! Jeizane and caique both were confirmed this sunday! Jeizane is literally amazing! she is already in chapter 12 of the book of mormon and she told us about how at work she has been reading! she has also made us cake and pudding and ice cream this week so thats a plus haha! then we have this kid named gustavo who is her cousin he came to church this week and really liked it too!  after church we went to their house and out of no where the kid said "you know what i have been thinking about, i think i want to get baptised! can i be baptised?"  I was like WHAT??  This kid is 8 years old! so definitely that's going to happen this week! 
But lets talk about family Feriara... Claudio and claudia and ingrid and fabio and breno. WHAT!! guys i have been here for one year and i stil have never had an expirence like this! he was a contact in the street and literally they are the best people ever! They love christ ! This week we have visited them everyday and they made us a cake! it's so cool how you can make friends so fast! But claudio and claudia came to church and they liked it alot! they were a little shy but everything that was taught was exactly what they were needing. The family all has a date for next Sunday but Claudio has problems with some beer on the weekends and coffee and Claudia likes the cigarettes too, and some coffee BUT they are making progress! we have a family night with them tonight with some members and it should be super fun!
We also have this little group of teenagers we are teaching... gabriela and rafella and jennifer and mairida. jennifer and mairida came to church but the others didn'tbut its okay... we always have next week jennifer has a brother that is a member and we have started teaching her lately. really fun!
But this week is also the last week of the transfer. Its crazy to look back at this transfer and see how time has passed. The start of the transfer was the middle of December and now were almost to February! WAHOO! Its still super hot here but it rains at least one time a day too haha. 
we did a service project this week and i literally almost died. we had to help a member replace his roof because it got destroyed during the rain storm. the pieces of roofing weren't very lite lol. lets just say i got up on the ladder and they wanted me to lift up the roof by my self hahaha... ya that didn't work. But we got a little tan so that was fun.
Elder Bingham
john 3:16 


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